Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Blogaround Roundup Overview

In the wake of new revelations about the secretive fundamentalist group "The Family," it's influence on US foreign policy and Sec State Hillary "Bombs Away!" Clinton's connections with the group, here's everything our fearlessly independent super-progressive pwoggie bloggie doggies have had to say about this troubling situation. Just feel the gravitas! Feel it!

Alas, a pwog - Libertarians are nutty!

Balk the Left - Lookit the wingnuts!

Diggly Wiggly - Libertarians are nutty!

Gesundheit - First!

NewsPwoggers - Lookit the wingnuts!

Obot Left - Lookit the wingnuts!

Pandadroppings - Lookit the wingnuts!

Pwogman! - Wingnuts will destroy us all!

Shake-A-Puddin - Look! Another shitty Gilliam fantasy pic! Eeeeeeee!

Grampa - You wingnuts git offa mah lawn!

Lamey - Fucking wingnut! Buy my CD!


  1. On, the plus side, SleptOn offers a morsel of sanity for those of us without our heads irretrievably stuck up our... well, you know.

    It's especially nice that Russell Mokhiber recalls all these Pwog dumbasses being far too busy with their Obama starfucking complexes to notice when it was Lefties disrupting these bullshit meetings.

    -- ms_xeno

  2. One of the many many things pwoggies and freeper have in common is a phobia for disruptions, demonstrations, anything that might threaten to jolt them out of the hazy fog of willful ignorance and rationalization in which they live. Mokhiber's article demonstrates this nicely.

  3. I wonder if the perpetual whinges from "concerned starfuckers for Obama" that demos are no good because [whine] they shut down traffic and make me late for woooooorrrk still holds water in an era where most of us don't have a fucking job to go to anyway.

    Related, and equally stupid, is the entreaty that you can't have demos because they shut down traffic and make the unaffiliated angryyyy AND late for woooooorrrrk. Right. Change you can believe in. Just don't hurt anyone's feelings and make them late for their 6 O'Clock cold beer and their lowfat Hot Pocket while you're changing and believing.

    -- ms_xeno

  4. Some old black magic will fix their little red wagon.