Friday, August 21, 2009

Get A Room!

Like most of his pwoggie bloggie breathren, there's no one in the dem elite that Big Turd Democrat wouldn't immediately drop to his knees to fellate. But, damn!

Heads explode: McAullife Offers Fundraiser For Virginia Dems Who Commit To Public Option

...The "corporate shill" Terry Mac is to the left of a good segment of the "Left" blogosphere on health care reform. How funny is that?

I can't even begin to parse this. Is BTD under the impression that pimping Lord Obama's craptastic "public option" bait and switch is somehow "left?" Would he have expected a slimeball like McAullife not to support a corporate designed piece of shit like the public option? Does BTD spend a significant amount of time masturbating to pictures of Bill Clinton? Would a "yes" to all three questions really surprise anyone?

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