Monday, August 24, 2009

If only...

DNC flak and pwoggie sheep-doggie Mike "Left of the Left" Lux gives us an unintentional ray of hope in an otherwise grey, boring world. In his by turns condescending and hectoring missive to the ever gullible pwoggie masses over at Obot Left, he writes this:

Understand that whether we like it or not, the progressive movement's fate, at least for the next few years and probably longer, is inextricably tied to Obama's.
Oh, if only that were so! Watching Obama drag down his lackwitted intarweb flunkies with him would be Must See TV. More likely than not, after Obama is through kicking them in the crotch for eight years, the fauxgressive faithful will just get whinier and more vicious and more disfunctional (if such a thing can be imagined) until they finally morph into the 2016 version of the 'birthers.'

Still, dare to dream!

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