Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pity for Pittsburgh

Nutroots Ground Zero

Poor Pittsburgh. Not only does it have to put up with the G-20 messtacular shutting down the golden triangle this September, but it also has to endure the annual pwoggie bloggie circlejerk Nutroots Nation. Sure, it might be fun to throw peanuts at fauxgressive celebutards like King Ko$ or Mo'betta Bowers as they scurry past, shielded by their respective gaggles of craven butt-slurpers, toadies and wannabes, but just imagine being a waitron for a table of these over-priviledged merit-school dipshits. I'd rather be the waiter at Mr. Pink's table.


  1. Mr. Pink had his rough edges, to be sure, but he also had professional standards and observed prudential limits on his conduct -- an ethical sense, if you will, an adult ethical sense sadly lacking in the Nutroots.

  2. Mr. Blonde had more of an adult ethical sense than the average Nutroots attendee, plus he was a better tipper. I suspect a lot of pwoggie elite are going to show up in the Bitter Waitress database.