Monday, August 17, 2009

Back in line, peons!

Now that Nutroots is officially over, the squirrels have all scampered back to their respective hollow blogs and are now busy cuffing and kicking their fellow demotards back into line. In particular, DP flak-wannabe Dave Anderson is slathering the NewsPwoggers with enough DNC talking point bullshit to keep that blogs overwhelming stink good and thick and strong. Pungent enough at least until it's time to vote for their masters and betters again. I'd link to his flurry of crap, but I don't have a working gas mask right now. Anyway, you don't really need a link. As a wise toucan once said: "Just follow your nose!"

(Update: Now that the lesser pwogs have been beaten into submission, it's time to pick their pockets. Does anyone else get the feeling that your average pwog is one of nature's own mugging victims?)


  1. Bad bankers said Obama as he handed them two trillion cold cash. Bad insurers he cried as he killed public health. As he denounces the defense contractors preparing to reap the harvest in Colombia and Somalia, we know we're in for some rough going.

    Only a new bit of warmongering can pull everyone back together again.

  2. You can almost hear our fearless leaders think, as they're watching the bombs being loaded up for Venezuela, "Haha! This will put those charges of socialism to rest!"

  3. I didn't think it was possible to be worse than Baby Doc Bush, but in a short period of time Obama has managed to outdo him in garden variety corruption, domestic disaster and imperial psychosis. I understand the Nutroots give him a 95% overall approval rating. They've managed to become worse than the freepers for unthinking, servile partisanship. I never thought that possible either.

    I recommend Charles Davis for some detailed reporting on their love of themselves -- hilariously awful -- and their slavish support for imperialism.

  4. I second the Charlie Davis recommendation.

  5. What a great writer! Thanks for the link.