Thursday, December 16, 2010

I kan haz reeding comprehenshun?

Courtesy of Google's new "reading level" search app, we at DGH are consoled that we are slightly less dumb than Queen Diggy. (*facepalm!*)

Update: Moar smartypants...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If a pwog falls in the forrest...

Fauxgressives luvs them some "internet activism." It allows them to pretend they're engaging in meaningful political action while never having to leave the warm 'n cozy comfort of their local Starbucks. Of course, "internet activism" has the same relationship to real activism as Wii Sports has to real athletics (not-a-fucking-thing) but don't be a lulz killer and tell them that. Otherwise we wouldn't get hilarious blog posts like: Open Letter to the Left Establishment: Pre-Post-Mortem over at soon-to-be-punted-to-the-Pwoggie-Bloggie-list, Corrente.

The post is a tl:dr catalog of butthurt over fauxgressive non-reaction to the titular Open Letter, which is itself a tepid plea to famous fauxgressives from slightly-less-famous faugressives to be a little less, well, fauxgressive. So far, this mighty effort has garnered less than the number of e-signatures on the latest 'Continue "Firefly" Petition' and elicited exactly zero responses from the targeted Obot celebs. (With the exception of Katrina (party)van dem Eggs who was overheard in the offices of 'La Nation' laughing wildly over the petition.)

Fortunately, our feckless pwogwessives don't have the first fucking clue where to look for real opposition to the Empire. Though some pwogs have begun baaaaw-ing at on-line resistance groups, they're still blissfully clueless when it comes to IRL. I, for one, hope they stay that way.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The End of the World as We Know It

(Lord of the Rings 4 - Return of the Pwogs)

Apres election, Diggy has been in full-blown-gonzo butthurt meltdown mode. Yet, while mourning the losses of her filthy warmongering corporate-owned party, the Democrat Drahma Queen is also listening to more right wing media than the average John Bircher. 'Why would anyone torture herself like that?' I hear you ask. 'Easy.' You hear me answer. Diggy's breathlessly waiting to hear Sarah Palin order her minions to go forth and wipe out liberals Rwanda-style:
"But this daily ranting about the evil of liberalism and the inhumanity of liberals seems to finally be reaching some sort of critical mass in which those on the right who hear nothing but this sort of raving all day long have come to believe that liberals -- not liberalism -- must be eliminated."

Of course, Diggy goes on to mitigate her hysterical (-ly funneh!) statement in the next sentence. (Like most passive-aggressive pwogs, Diggy doesn't actually mean anything she writes because that would be too much like making a stand.) Yet here she is, trying to sell visions of Beckian hoards storming out of the flyover states to besiege the gates of her gated California community Minas Tirith-style.

Is Diggy tuning in to assclowns like Limbaugh and Beck on an hourly basis to somehow deaden the agony of defeat? Is she already trying to scare her fauxgressive followers into action for 2012? Your guess is as good as mine.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Your Daily Lulz

Click on the pic for Mike Flugennock's deadly (accurate) political cartoons and insightful commentary.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Having been pounded in the latest round of ballot box stuffing, our little herd of pwoggie moo cows is in rough shape. They've got a dilemma. Our brave access bloggers must rationalize to their demotard fans their corporate warmongering party's loss to the other corporate warmongering party! The intarweb pwog faithful must be keep in line, but how? This is serious business! A lot of PayPal donations, interviews with minor administration flacks and Nutroots Nation seats are riding on this. Here's the "shorter" rationalization roundup:

Balk the Left - 'Our Team lost because of the economy and stupid stupid voters!' Plus this gem from the exasperated comments section:
"But take healthcare reform alone: how on any planet can that be argued as incremental? Even it's detractors on the left acknowledged that it was the most material progressive societal policy change since the Depression."

Bibbitybobbityboo - 'Our Team lost because of the economy and stupid stupid old people!'

Extreeeeeem Obot - 'BETRAYAL! MURDER! FIREBAGGERS MADE US LOSE! DAMN YOU HAMSHER AND GREENWAAAAAALD! But it's all part of natures great cycle so I'm not worried. Nope. Not at all. DAAAAAAAMN YOUUUUUU SUSIE MANDRAKE!!!'

Gesundheit - 'We lost because of the bad economy. My master didn't know we would lose because of the bad economy. I could have told my master we would lose because of the bad economy but I was at the vet that day. Woof. '

Newspwoggers - 'I'm too depressed to make excuses for my democrat masters and betters right now - so here's what everyone else thinks.'

Obot Left - Of course it's obvious we won even though we lost.

Pwogman! - 'We lost because stupid white people didn't vote for our team. We must move our party to the right!'

Shakes the Democrat - [Shakes channeling "Eros" from Plan Nine From Outer Space] 'You see? You see? You stupid voters and your stupid minds! Now we're doomed! DOOMED I tell you! Stupid! Stupid!'

The Lame Gimmick Pundit - 'You see? You see? You stupid voters and your stupid m...wait, did someone do this bit already? Dammit!'

The Panderdome - 'Racist homophobic old white people stole the election from us. But I have a cunning plan. We'll out live them!'

Friday, October 29, 2010

Wabbit Season

"Or we'll all be killed in our beds!"

I'm proud to report that the mid-term elections have driven our herd of pwoggie bloggers into a veritable frenzy of butthurt and fail. Having absolutely nada to run on, pwogwessive strategery this season is equal parts scaremongering, lesser-evilism and, well, nothing else. Here's the lulz:

Item: Shakes the Democrat (trigger warning for spinelessness) has shocked the world by announcing her intention to vote straight D ticket. The lameass excuse this time is she's an "economy voter" and not, apparently, a preening self-righteous asshole with a small inbred cult of ass-kissing drama queens.

Item: Pwogman! is in full Angry German Kid mode, obsessively issuing sneering pronouncements of immanent doom from the Fortress of Pwogitude with the kind of ferocity usually exhibited by apsie-afflicted teenage WOW players.

Item: Is there really any reason to check out Alas, a pwog anymore? He's far too busy flogging his dreary comic book to bring the demotard boot-licking which has brought us so many lulz in the past. If his mission to bore the shit out of kids is going take precedence over ineptly (and hilariously) shilling for the D half of the corporate war party, there's a whole galaxy of pwog bloggers that could take his place.

Item: You know it's the silly season when Diggy turns off her comments. As per orders she's running scaaaary tea party Youtube vids 24/7, as is AmandaPander, Obot Left and the other listserv pwog blogs.

Item: Extreme Obot has turned up his unique blend of mindless cheer leading and paranoia to 11. (Though he seems to have changed the target of his limb-flailing tantrums from The Jane Hampster Firebagger Band Experience to Glenn Greenwald's Pwoggie Puppet Show.)

Item: For the most part Lamey has dropped his oh-so-edgy naughty word schtick and has taken up...wait for it...boringass fauxgressive pronouncements of doom! Lamey, I know your original act wore out like a cheap suit but, please, let Booman do Booman.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dissention In The Ranks

In his minds-eye, Pwogman! secretly thinks he looks just like this. Srsly. Lulz.

Recently the libertarians had the pleasant experience of having their Tea Party movement co-opted by the GOP. Now, in the wake of an undeniablely fascist scent wafting from the corporate-owned-and-operated Obama administration, are the pwogs who put him in office admist hosannas and rainbows now distancing themselves by trying to rebrand themselves as "Hippies?" Let's sift the clues...

Item: Does Pwogman! - the pwoggiest pwog who ever pwogged a pwog, know what his sidekick Stevie the Wonder D is doing?

Pwogman! has always been a super-demotard hippie puncher, super-railing against anyone to the left of Nixon in his corporate-owned toxic-landfill-of-a-party. Hilariously, he seems to think of himself in the "hippie" camp despite the fact that he's rooted so firmly on the corporate beltway side you couldn't pry him up with a tractor and a stick of TNT. And yet here's his scrappy little sidekick trying to reconcile a spat between faux-liberal democrat Jane Hamper and right-wing DLCer 'Ol Juan King Cole!

Is Stevie the Wonder D going to get the boot from the Fortress of Pwogitude? How long will it be before Pwogman! is looking for another sidekick? Tune in tomorrow! Same pwog time! Same pwog channel!

Item: Democrat Dave Anderson, one of the fearfulless pwoggie NewsPwoggers, seems to think of himself as a "hippie" too! Here's a clue for ya, Dave. If you voted for the God-Emperor - YOU'RE NOT A HIPPIE. DUMBASS.

Item: Even ace thanksralpher and think tank reject Diggles is fretting over all this so-called "hippie punching" - helpfully providing us with a history or the term through the centuries so filled with bullshit you'd think you were standing in the middle of an industrial feedlot.

Item: At least DNC insider Dr. Rosenrosen of Obot Left is sticking to his guns, ridiculing the very idea of doing anything outside of the sacred Democratic Party. (Harrumph!) He's (not very successfully) trying to use an already antiquated 4chan meme to paint all those annoying third party hippies as "Underpants Gnomes." Paging Dr. Rosenrosen - Ur l33t haxxor ski!!z r teh gey!!1!

Item: Speaking of lame attempts at humor, the Democratic Party bootlick called The Lame Gimmick Pundit has called forth from it's hoary grave the LOLcats meme to help explain away a weeks worth of his parties pettifoggery. What's next? Dancing Baby? Star Wars Kid? Pirates vs Ninjas? Your failures, let me show you them.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Item Wednesday

"Voooooote Oooooboooomba!"

Item - Has pwogwessive princess Diggly turned off comments to quell a brewing revolt on Bibbitybobbityboo? The Democrat Doyenne's angsty brand of lesser-evilism hasn't been mollifying the suckers like it used to. Some of her less dim fans have even tumbled to her transparently manipulative "lookit the wingnut" scaremongering. What's a listserv liberal to do?

Item - Exweeeeeme Wibberal has found a guest blogger even dumber than himself! Take a big steaming gawp at "Staci" - a regular Wibberal groupie and Obot in good standing who is wondering why anyone would say her God-Emperor's stimulus didn't work. And why don't all those icky poor people just change stockbrokers? I mean, everyone has a 401K, right? So there's no reason not to get rich, is there?

Item - Forging forth at the far-flung frontiers of fauxgressive cluelessness, The Lame Gimmick Pundit ought to win some kind of award for this awesomely stupid statement:
Fuck anyone who says this is "playing politics." It's the Congress. Politics are always at play. You either support something or you don't, especially when it comes to fundamental rights.(emphasis mine)
Isn't that marvelous? But it begs the question - how does Lamey live with that much cognitive dissonance clanging around in his skull? Is Lamey some kind of new pwoggie mutation?

Item - Oh noes! Dave Sirota is crying fauxgressive foul on freeper super-freak Eric Erickson! Democrat Dave's dilemma? He stole my book cover! I ask you - is there no honor left in publishing business?!?

Item - The Fortress of Pwogitude is in full campaign mode - and Pwogwessive superhero Pwogman! and his sidekick Stevie Dee are blasting away at their arch-nemesis supervillian. 'The Republicans?' I hear you query. 'Super Karl Rove?' No! It's the stupid, stupid Voters!

While Pwogman! excoriates the War Party for actually pandering to it's base (teh horrors!) Sidekick Steve aims his formidable ire at the those gullible, dumb, stupid dumbhead Americans too stupid and dumb to support the Other War Party. Watch for a super-fit of super-apoplexy if the midterms don't go their way.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Letter Back From America

Josh (and friend) at a 'Save the Tiger' rally in Kabul
"Anyone know where I can find the anti-war movement?"

Dear Josh in Kabul,

Just read your "sloppy rant" over at NewsPwoggers. A few brief points, if I may:

1. You have no fucking clue what (or who) "the left" is. I dunno, maybe it's because you're a lameass democrat. (Don't even bother pretending your not, Josh. Don't even try to tell me you're some kind of vague-ass "independent" who just happens to flack for lesser-evil Democrats. Don't waste the electrons. Srsly.) Maybe you think you or some faction of your corporate-owned blood-soaked corruption-riddled party is "the left." It isn't, of course. Which brings us to...

B. ...the "anti-war movement." No part of your party constitutes, in any way, shape or form, even the most minutest tiniest teensy-weensyest part of the anti-war movement. Your party drove a fucking spike through the old anti-war movement back in 2004. It's dead, Jim. It's deader than Van Jones' career. The anti-war movement that's grown up since then, well, I doubt it's even a blip on your Washington Consensus Radar. That's just as well, really.

III. If/When you do get back from your little Kabul field trip, and by some massive stroke of misfortune you do figure out what groups constitute the left and the anti-war movement, do us all a favor. Stay as far as fucking away as you can manage. You're party is fucking toxic, Josh. Everything you and your foundation funded think tank corporate demotard flunkies touch turns to absolute shit. You know how Afghanistan is called "the graveyard of empires?" Well your party, the Democrat Party, is the fabulous fabled elephants graveyard of social movements. So stay in your bullshit job, make fauxgressives feel good about giving money to your DP bosses, and STAY THE FUCK AWAY.


-Alan Smithee

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beaten to the Punch & Judy

I was going to write a little something about the up 'n coming bi-annual flurry of ballot box stuffing and unwarranted optimism we laughingly call 'an election.' But Charles Davis not only beat me to it, he also did it a miles better than me. Go and read this antidote to the usual election year drivel pushed by the pwoggie blogs.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Wolf In Pwog Clothing?

(Extreme Obot?)

Fellow pwogwranglers, I may have been hornswoggled! The cumulative time spent reading Extreme Obot's blog has left me thinking he's running a clever parody blog Colbert-style. How else can one explain this:
"While that small but very vocal minority of Obama-haters keep chattering on, our awesome President keeps doing what he said he would do and delivering on his promises. Washington pundits don’t know how to act when someone actually does what they say and doesn’t let the media push them around with poll results. Keep it up, “Prez”, you’re doing an excellent job."
By itself this paragraph doesn't mean much. You can find similar on any of the pwoggie blogs. But the sheer amount of blind Obama worship! The vituperative hatred spat at anyone who dares to criticize the God-Emperor! Even the gawd-awful industrial gray look of the page begs the question - could even the most sycophantic demotard come up with a blog that repulsive?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big Fish Eating Little Fish

Item - Chris Bowwow, the DNC lapdog, is bailing on his little foundation funded fauxgressive Obot Left site. Did the grant money run out? Who knows. But now he'll be wagging his tail in a specially made (and specially paid) kennel at DailyKult (aka 'the Great Orange Satan') as per a weepy goodbye post at Obot Left.

"But the plants will die without you!" wail the disconsolate dembots in the comments. Well, sure, but they're all plastic plants anyway - as befits an astroturf site like Obot Left. The only question left is - who's gonna feed Rosenberg his daily dose of DNC talking points? Who's gonna empty Sirota's drool bucket? And what about Scarecrow's brain?!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A sad, sad day for pwoggiedom

Mystery Matt's last known photo

That bastion of journalistic excellence, Progressive Reports Now, has published a shocking transcript of what may very well be the last interview of A-list pwoggie bloggie doggie / Hah-vad dipshit Matt Yglesias.

Our spies whisper that, in the course of an interview with ace fictional reporter Amber Milgram, every fauxgressives fave-rave fuckhead went into a ferocious feeding frenzy, consuming part of Amber's desk, some recording equipment and a passing office temp before lapsing into a coma-like state.

Reportedly, the last words of the professional bootlick were: "God...Dog...Krugman..."

No one at Yglesias' employer, DNC propaganda spewer Twink Pwogwess is talking - but rumors of his condition are multiplying like rabbits on meth. Some say he's dead. Some say he's still in a coma. Some say his head has been severed, placed in an ice cream bucket, frozen and shot into orbit. Some say he's been ground to a fine powder, shipped to China and sold as insect repellent. Some say he was only a couple of dogs in a man-suit to begin with.

Where in the word is Matt ? Who knows. But whatever the truth is, our crack DGH staff will keep updating this story as news, rumor and innuendo roll in.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Pwoggie Roundup - Move 'em out, pwoghide!


Teh intarwebs was gifted today with a jar of Instant Hilarity, courtesy of White House Press Fellator-In-Chief Bobby Gibbs. The faugressive moo-cow reaction to his stampy little hissy fit was immediate and immediately hilarious. Here's the roundup:

Alas, A Pwog - "You know what's really important? Fat kids."

Balk the Left - {Okay, how can I soft peddle this so my pwoggies don't spin out of control like last time?} "Here's a thread and another and another DONE! Controversy over! Now find something else to talk about."

Bibbidybobbidyboo - "OMG look at the wingnuts! How could anyone not vote democrat after seeing these tea party racists who are so racist and insane?"

Extweeeeeeeem! - "The TARP bailout was signed by teh Bush! I have proof! Our God-Emperor is holy and blameless and perfect in every way! All Hail the God-Emperor!"

Gesundheit - "Hahaha. That Gibbs - what a card. Hahaha. Ha."

Newspwoggers - "Hi. I haven't got the foggiest fucking clue about US foreign policy, military strategy or history in general. But, hey, I might get a chair at nutroots nation if spew coherent-sounding bibble-babble long enough!"

Obot Left - "Hey! Watch out! Doesn't the White House know we're SWING VOTERS? We might not vote Democrat next time, ya know! And now I'm going to ignore thirty years of history and present my proof. Exit polls! Haha! My logic is infallible!"

Pwogman! - "I know just how Gibbs feels. Damn those progressives who don't listen to me and think the way I tell them to! Damn them!"

Shakes the Democrat - "Teh Outrage! Worship me, shakies! (And remember, I'll banish anyone who disagrees with me!)"

Shakes' Comments Section - "We worship you! We worship you!"

Grampa Institution - "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..."

Lamey - "My taxes pay your salary, Gibbs! So watch out! Oh, and, uh, Fuck You! Yeah, that's it! Boy am I edgy!"

Panderdome - "I'm not a hippie, and I'll always support the Democratic Party of America no matter what they do, but I'm still offended. But the point is, my taxes pays Gibbs salary! How dare he!"
Extreme Liberal (actual photo)

Update: Correctly assuming that her pwoggie bloggie followers aren't much different from her dog, and thus won't get excited if she doesn't get excited, Diggy emerges from her gated community to pronounce: "Eh. No big deal.")

Son of Update: Making up for lost time, rising pwog-dog star Extreeeeeeeeem Wibberal twirls with delight, his little tail wagging like a metronome on overdrive, straining at the leash to personally lick Bobby Gibbs boots. Three posts and counting! ("Fuckington Post?" Really?)

Update 3 - in 3D!: And the prize for the most nauseating Obot apologia goes to cringing democrat toady Mike Lux at Obot Left for bragging about his work on reconciling pwoggies and union dupes to the wonders of NAFTA. (Hey, fuckhead, I've got 2 million landless Mexican farmers who'd like to have a word with you, you fucking shithead.)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Super-Duper Good Job Music Video Sunday Part Planck's Constant

Let's wind up our little hit parade with Outernational's latest, a cover of Woody Guthrie's classic "Deportees." This last one goes out to The Lame Gimick Pundit for eagerly sucking the toes of every corporate-owned democrat since Carter. Give it a rest, Lamey:

Super-Duper Good Job Music Video Sunday Part Eleventy

This isn't a music video, but I'm gonna dedicate it anyway so stop me if you can. It's a trailer for the 1982 sci-fi geek film "Tron" done in 1960's Saul Bass style. Crazy, baby.

Tron vs. Saul Bass from Hexagonall on Vimeo.

Oh, and here's Saul Bass vs. Lost in a kind of beach blanket bingo style. Dedicated to Lost fan Shakes the Democrat and all her icky bobblehead cultists. Teaspoon this:

Lost vs. Saul Bass from Hexagonall on Vimeo.

Super-Duper Good Job Music Video Sunday Part Dos

SuperPwog Pwogman! has been on raging tiny-fisted tantrum in his fortress of Pwogitude, directing his ire 'gainst the forces of, to paraphrase, 'dirty lefty concern troll purity pure purists' or something like that. What-the-fuck is going on in Pwogmans! little demotard head remains a mystery, but lets see if we can't cool him off a bit with a little Marvin Gaye:

Super-Duper Good Job Music Video Sunday

Damn its been a busy summer. But Music Video Sunday is a long long long long minutes long tradition here at DGH, so lets start it with a little Flobots. This one is dedicated to the faux-peace "we're not democrats we just vote for them" shitheads at NewsPwoggers. Check out their latest fellatio of fauxgressive Sen Al Franken (D-AIPAC) if you have the stomach for it. Also, on a purely person note, I'd just like to say to the NewPwog gang: "Collectively, you're the worst thing to happen to journalism since Charles Foster Kane fell off his sled. Feel free to die in a fucking ditch, you craven boot-licking frauds."

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Center Cannot Hold!

I don't normally bother with the GOS because, well, it's just too fucking easy to be much fun. But this classic GBCW by DNC media shill Keith Olberman is too good to pass up:

"You want Cheerleaders? Hire the Buffalo Jills. You want diaries with conspiracy theories, go nuts. If you want this site the way it was even a year ago, let me know and I'll be back."

Oh! Teh Drama! Could it be even the Obots of Ko$ have finally at long last gotten sick of Olberman's faux-outrage schtick? Could the Hopey-Changey Sparkle Pony crowd have tumbled to Olberman & Maddow's stunningly obvious coordination with their White House masters and betters?

Well, probably not.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First you're cannon fodder...

Trust the democrat doyenne of merit-school mandarins to blindly jump on the Cannonfodder Recruitment Act of 2010 bandwagon:

"This story from DKos yesterday just makes my heart hurt:

Eric’s story underscores the need for Congress to pass the DREAM Act immediately – it makes you wonder what objections any Member of Congress could possibly have to embracing Eric and thousands of other young people who are Americans in all but paperwork."
The long and short of it is - since the Pentagon can't sucker enough native born USA-ians to go slaughter in the name of Empire, their hunting for hopeful immigrants who are willing to go die and kill in Afghanistan for a green card.

Elitist-wannabe moral cretins like Digby & crew are either too stupid to know or too sunk in middle class apathy to care, presumably so long as the aforementioned cannon fodder vote democrat if they're fortunate enough to survive their hitch and if Uncle Sam honors his part of the bargain. (Ask a Native American or a union member about Uncle Sam honoring contracts.)

Monday, June 14, 2010


It comes as a surprise to no one (who isn't a head-in-the-sand pwoggie bloggie puddin'-pop) that Afghanistan has untapped mineral deposits such as lithium. But it's the unalloyed, 100% moronic reaction of the pwoggie bloggie elite that boggles the mind. No, really. I am truly boggled:

A Hopeful Discovery in Afghanistan

"Let Afghanistan become the indispensable source of laptop batteries. That is so much more hopeful than the source of heroin. "

Being utterly bereft of words, I can only respond in pictures. Here's a few, for instance, of the oil and mineral rich Niger Delta:

Now, my only question for Pwogman! and his cloistered little bunch of pampered merit school cronies is - does this look fucking hopeful to you?

(Update: Displaying a breadth and depth of naivete that utterly defies my ability to describe in mere human terms - Pwogman! chides his commenters for daring to be criticize the good intentions of international corporations. No, really. I'm not kidding.)

Sunday, May 30, 2010


According to access blogger / assessor of national threats / low-level democratic party suckup Digby, one of the nine women pictured below of THE MOST DANGEROUS WOMAN IN AMERICA. Can you guess which woman threatens our very existence? Mouse over - if you dare!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pwoggie Fatwa II - Pwogs On Patrol!

Extreeeeeme Wibberal (last known photo)

Extreeeeeeme has had this particular burr under his bonnet for awhile, but now his lip-frothing rage has finally exploded all over his blog Scanners-style. Witness, then, Extreeeeeme's First Fatwa:

"I think it is incumbent upon us true progressives (I’m a liberal, damn it) to drive these posers from our party. There is nothing worse than someone who claims to be on your team but wants everything done the way they want it done – or else. These assholes are doing nothing but helping Republicans take control of our government again..."

Who are the dastardly infidels who are must be purged from the Holy and Apostolic Demotard Party's big giant circus tent? Who are the criminal terrorists who DARE make demands of God-Emperor Magic Sparkle Pony I?

It's the pwoggie bloggie law firm of Uygur, Hamsher and Greenwald. They're the worst!

"But..." I hear you object. "What about McKay, Newman and Probert? Aren't they worse?

NO you fool! There's nothing worse!

"Surely Bush, Cheney and Rumfeld are worse."

Mere jaywalkers compared to the devilish Gang of Three!

"Well, how about Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo?"

Nonsense! The Axis powers never threatened anything near as important as Our President-For-Life Barack Jesus Ghandi Aquinas Mother Theresa Gautama Skywalker Obama the One!

Clearly, Extreeeeeme has never seen The Jonas Brothers. But then he's been a shut-in since retiring from his job managing The Acme Buggy Whip Factory, so we really have to give him a pass on that one.

(Update: For an extra dose of arm flailing pwoggie outrage, check out Kay In Maine, Extreeeeeme's very own amen chorus, in the comments section. Hi-larious!)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pwoggie Fatwa

Continuing her jihad against anyone who even faintly opposes her boyfriend's imperial wars overseas contingency operations, Digby has scrawled a new face on her bloggie dartboard. The object of her latest fatwa? Bluegrass libertarian Rand Paul.

Not content with bashing the usual bunch of dirty greenie hippie peace nick types, our Democrat Doyenne has begun deluging her audience of delusional self-abusing demotards with post after post denigrating the "teabag terrorist." She's even sicked Triscut (4th rate access blogger and democrat-apologist-in-chief, for those of you keeping score at home) on the "proto-fascist" Kentuckian.

Triscut, I'm sure, will do his best to provide the usual pwoggie pap for the faithful, regurgitating the opinions of A-list pwoggie bloggers momma bird-style until Diggy finds another enemy of the God Emperor for him to panic over. Meanwhile, I predict we can look forward to some truly classic Diggy wigouts during the up-and-comin'. Stay tuned!

(Update: We've just reached the 1,000 dead soldier mark in Digby's Excellent Afghanistan Adventure. Yes we can! Yes we can!)

(Update: Digby's War to Liberate Afghanistan For Democracy is heating up, so another blast at mean old Rand Paul is in order. Gotta keep those peaceniks down, dontcha know.)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Democracy 101

This is what great political cartooning looks like. (Go read the accompanying text, too.)

Move 'em out, Pwoghide!

It's been a so long since the last round up! I bet the pwogs have wandered all over hell-and-gone and I'll have to ride for days to...

Huh. Well, nevermind then.

Alas, A Pwog - "Hey, all you single issue concern trolls! Nobody cares about abortion rights, so LEAVE KAGAN ALOOOOOOONE!"

Balk the Left - "There is a debate between fauxgressives and pwoggwessives over Kagan. Naturally, they're both wrong and I'm right."

Diggly Wiggly - "Andrew Sullivan sucks! Did anyone ask Roberts about his sex life? Kagan should be allowed to stay in the closet if she wants to. (Because, really, anything my boyfriend decides must be right.)"

Extreeeeeeeeme! - "Politics is just like grade school and their team is a big bunch of doodyheads! Hahaha! Here's several paragraphs of poor reasoned rationalization to prove it."

Gesundheit - "What can't we all just get along? Not that I care or anything. Harrumph!"

NewsPwogs - "Andrew Sullivan sucks! Did anyone ask Roberts or Alito about their sex life? Kagan should be allowed to stay in the closet if...she - uh, did somebody on the listserv already cover this?"

Obot Left - "Kagan is a wonderful selection by Our Emperor so shut the fuck up and send money to Joe Sestak, proles! My seat at Yearly Ko$ Nutroot$ Nation may be on the line here!"

Pwogman! - "Andrew Sullivan sucks! Our God-Emperor says Kagan is not gay. Obey the God-Emperor, peasants!"


Grampa - "Camille Paglia, uh, I'm mean, Andrew Sullivan sucks! Or something. Whatever. Zzzzzzzzz."

Lamey - "Heh heh. Our God-Emperor is really sticking it to those Republicans by nominating Kagan. Eleventy-dimensional chess! Our Team Wins! Whooot!"

Panderdome - "Ironman 2 sucked so bad, I made a mixtape about it."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hosannah Superstar

(And if you think that's bad, check Oborg Superstar Shakey's latest - and don't forget to read the comments!)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Future President

"Our Hero"

DGH is proud to announce Our First Political Endorsement: Harley D. Brown! for Idaho's 1st district congressman.

Deathless quote:

"Now that I am retired I have an intense burning desire to destroy all the works of those Progressive Liberal Politicians in Washington D.C. whom I brand as vile domestic enemies to the country and Constitution we’re SWORN TO DEFEND."

(Thanks to Charles Davis for alerting us on this paragon of Idaho.)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boring Ass 2 - The Return of Captain Tedium

It may be that I have mis-judged Amanda Pander. Yes, it's true! I may be wrong in my assessment of her as a mealy-mouthed excuse-making jellyfish pwoggie access-blogger. Instead, it's entirely possible that Ms. Pander is really not the cynical pandering demotard asshat I've believed her to be - but rather a delusional true-believing Obot somewhat on the order of the do-nothing know-nothing moron posting as Extweeeeeeeme Wibberal.

Just as Amanda can't understand that her cherished, holy Democratic Party wasn't created for her and really really doesn't give a shit about her - so it seems that Ms. Pander can't understand that comic book movies like Kick Ass aren't made for her and their corporate makers really-truly-honestly don't give a shit about her.

Let me put it this way. If you follow the trail of slime studio execs leave behind them until you actually corner one - and then feed him enough blow to stun a rhino - eventually he'll admit to you that the main reasons he greenlights comic book movies are:

1: They have a valuable built-in target audience.


b: They're cheap to produce.

What I mean about the first point is that, sure, you could produce Barnaby Rudge because it has a built in target audience of Dicken's fans - but that's nothing compared to the Clearasil covered masses of sexually confused adolescent boys who have enough disposable income to buy and entire Pacific island chain. The fact that any hack writer can chop a comic book's simon-simple plot into the simulacrum of a screenplay, and that any hack director can pull down a decent salary while letting the CGI crew do the lion's share of the directing for him, only makes the aforementioned coke-riddled studio exec's decision easier.

In short, comic book movies are marketed to fanboys for profit. Period. End-Of-Story. -30- Over-and-out. Full-Fucking-Stop.

Nobody is trying to slip in subversively women-empowering characters, as Amanda Panda seems to think:

“Kick Ass” is a movie about Hit Girl. What the filmmakers did was a classic bait and switch. They brought forth certain conventions of movies to lure you into thinking you’re watching one kind of movie (about a young man’s coming of age), and instead they gave you an entirely different story. That Hit Girl steals the show is the point.

This is about as absurd as saying that the Obama administrations recent health insurance company enrichment legislation is a way to secretly enact single-payer. It's beyond absurd and into a realm of fantasy seldom visited by the non-chemically enhanced.

Hit Girl is a fetish character - the sort of pre-pubescent school-girl-with-a-big-gun sex object that's been a mainstay of Japanese Anime and Manga (and to a certain extent European exploitation comics) since the early '60s. One of the reasons why Kick Ass didn't do very well on it's opening weekend is that this character isn't even very well known, much less accepted, among American fanboy audiences. Fanboys expect homoerotic undertones to their comic book movies, not the sort of guilt-free crypto-pedophilia peddled by characters like Hit Girl.

This is why I'm beginning to suspect that Amanda isn't just a cynical manipulator of lackwitted on-line pwoggies besotted by O-brand hopium, but an actual hopium smoker herself!

It appears to me that Amanda fundamentally doesn't understand marketing, the profit motive, basic human greed, and a lot basic human motivations. In Amanda's pwogwessive fantasy world the Democratic Party is the hard working champion of the vital middle class and not, as is fairly obvious, corporate-owned warmongering exploiters of middle class ignorance and apathy. Similarly, for Ms Pander, comic book movies subversively hide strong female characters within their garishly simple plots and are not, as again is abundantly clear, rather ham-handedly made fetish product marketed to sexually stunted over-stimulated pud-pullers.

But then again, as they say, there's no accounting for taste.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Regular Panderdome reader (actual photo)

Having read Panderdome for some time now (certainly longer than I care to remember) I've come to the conclusion that, as ignorant and distasteful as Amanda Pander's politics are, her taste in movies is far, far worse.

Witness this glowing review of Kick-Ass, a comic book movie so blatantly contemptuous of it's target audience it doesn't even bother to hide it:

There were two things I knew coming out of the movie “Kick-Ass”: that I loved it, and that it was going to be one of those movies that really divides people.

Uh, well, not really. Popular consensus seems to have met oh-so-controversial Kick-Ass with a gigantic yawn. More people went to How To Train Your Dragon and that piece of CGI fluff has been in the theaters for four fucking weeks.

The plain fact is that Kick-Ass is simply another comic book movie that wears it's contempt for it's audience on it's sleeve. That it features some kiddie gore-porn in the form of Chloë Moretz as a violent 11 year old "superhero" just shows how far western comic books are behind Japanese anime. (And, yes, they're comic books. The term "graphic novel" was invented by marketing firms to give a thin veneer of legitimacy to six issue compilation comics that their target fanboy demographic might otherwise balk at wasting money on.)

Reading Amanda Pander's blitherings about the film reveals her basic ignorance of the fact that male adolescent revenge fantasy (with generous amounts of homoerotic undertone) has formed the basis of superhero comic books since their invention. The pimply teenage boys who are comic book movie's target audience don't go to them because they appreciate complexity of visual storytelling or the nuances of cinema. They go so they can grope themselves beneath their popcorn boxes while watching muscular spandex-clad men commit horrendous acts of violence. The reason Kick-Ass did so poorly amongst it's target demographic has more to do with the fact that it did not feature the above mentioned muscular spandex-clad men, but rather a spandex-clad little girl - and your average fanboy is already sexually confused as it is. No way are they going to know what to make of that.

However, I predict that Kick-Ass will do boffo box office amongst Japanese business men.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Outrage of a Toad(y)

BowWow prepares for a heavy day of craven bootlicking.

Chris BowWow, the DNC lapdog, is bemoaning the potential loss a major anti-teaparty weapon from his potent pwoggie arsenal of justice and freedom. But let's let him explain in his own words:

The methodology by which progressive media has attempted to delegitimize the tea party has two main trhusts:
  1. Focus on how it was generated through large media and financial backing, rather than as a bottom-up, grassroots effort;
  2. Anecdotally focus on the craziest tea party protesters, implying that they are representative of the movement as a whole.
While #2 has been the most successful, the efforts of a progressive in Oregon is about to singlehandedly render it useless. By publicly declaring his intention to infiltrate the tea parties with protesters to use as anecdotes for #2, Jason Levin is going to call all anecdotal examples of tea party craziness into question, thereby legitimizing the tea party protests even more.

Teh horrors! How dare this non-pwogwessvie-sanctioned upstart deprive Chris BowWow and his mighty pwoggie klaque of kool kids of a successful bit of lying-ass scumbaggery! Harrumph!

The first point is true only insofar as it depends on the group you happen to be examining. TeaPartiers are hardly a cohesive bunch. But BowWow's second strategery has been around since Hector was a pup. Media outlets have been using the 'Lookit the Crazy!' hook since the days of Charlemagne. And it's just as scummy and dishonest now as it always has been. But then, scummy and dishonest are pwogwessive trademakes - along with bootlicking, hypocrisy and a poor sense of style.

Monday, April 5, 2010


You know that elderly relative that blurs out racial epithets at Thanksgiving and embarrasses you in front of your girl/boyfriend? Well, over at his "institute," (read: 'assisted living community') Grampa has found something out about his much beloved God-Emperor...and finds it hi-larious! What's the source of gramp's mirth? Pakistani drone attack casualties!

"...what goes on between consenting nation-states within the privacy of their own borders is their own business, and this is just as healthy and loving and beautiful as any diplomatic arrangement."

Grampa - "Teh Funneh!"

Because, ya know, eviscerating children with drone-launched Hellfire missiles is a ripe field for comedy. And, hey, remember that picture of the Vietnamese kids running down the road with half their fucking skin burnt off by napalm? Fucking Comedy Gold, man!

And, hey, Gramps even approves of these atrocities! So long as they "get us out" of Afghanistan by 2012, well, Grampa has no problem with this:

Go-'Bama! Go-'Bama! Whooooot!

(Update: More hilarity for Grampa and the demotard peanut gallery as the forces of their God-Emperor admit to murdering pregnant women. Wheeee-Ha! Can't wait for his next laugh-packed post!))