Friday, August 14, 2009

Watering the Nutroots

Here's a quick summary of everything our fearlessly pwogwessive tellers-of-truth-to-power have written so far about the leaked White House / Big Pharma deal memo outlining Obama's sellout to his drug corporation donors. No, don't thank me. It's just my job:

Alas, a pwog - Would you like to see my vacation slides? There's only 60,000 of them.

Balk the Left - Meaningful health care reform is just around the corner thanks to Obama's secret "bipartisan shtick" plan!

Diggly Wiggly - OMG I got to see Howard Dean at Nutroots Nation!!!!1!one!!eleventy!!! (Swoon!)

Gesundheit - Lookit the wingnut! Oh, wait, am I late? Sry.

NewsPwoggers - Here's an article I read that debunks a health care fallacy that no one but freepers believe anyway. Hope for change!

Obot Left - OMG I get to co-host a pannel with Howard Dean at Nutroots Nation!!!!1!one!!eleventy!!! (Swoon!)

Pandadroppings - Come and see me at Nutroots Nation!

Pwogman! - I'm waiting in a big hall at Nutroots Nation, on line to fellate Bill "Big Dick Dog" Clinton, and it reminds me of a story...

Shake-A-Puddin - Here's about the 14 billionth fucking picture of me. Only 86 trillion to go!

Gramps - Lookit the wingnu...Whut? Whut day is it?


  1. Liberal Catnip duped me into looking at some DK diary by some buffoon or another.

    My eyes are gonna' stay bleeding for the entire weekend. I just know it.

    Fucking foreigners. Always causing trouble.

    -- ms_xeno

  2. Can't trust Canadians. You turn your back on 'em for just a second and WHAM! You've got universal health care!

  3. God bless you for keeping an eye on this. I don't have the stomach for it.

  4. Canadians are worse than STALIN!!

    -- ms_xeno

  5. Canadians sneak over the border and set up death panels when we're not looking!

    No problem, Spartacus. I've seen Battlefield Earth six times.

  6. Death panels... Canadian death panels... I dislike stereotypes, but there's something to be said for the cold fury of death panels that make an enormous, good faith effort to be culturally sensitive and prudently regulated.

  7. ...No problem, Spartacus. I've seen *Battlefield Earth* six times.

    Which is still better than seeing Batman Dark Knight Blablah even once. :D

    -- ms_xeno

  8. Jeez, Ms X! I'm crazy, but I'm not suicidal!