Friday, August 7, 2009

Pwoggie Bloggie Roundup - Imperial Cheerleader Edition

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As Emperor Obama's forces of progressive hope for change continue to sacrifice US citizens in their all-out effort to mutilate and murder the people of Afghanistan and while our client state Iraq continues to implode, lets take a look at what the sharp-eyed, coolly-rational advertise liberally set have to say about these atrocities:

Alas, a pwog - A gun nut with a bad case of male menopause murdered several women. This means something...

Balk the Left - I went to an astroturf "health care event" to photograph astroturf wingnuts and not much happened.

Diggly Wiggly - Stop picking on my boyfriend!

Gesundheit - Um, yeah, whatever.

Newspwoggers - YouTube video funny. Hehheh.


Pandadroppings - A gun nut with a bad case of male menopause murdered several women. This means something...

Pwogman! - Hey, has anyone else heard about these astroturf wingnuts? Gosh, protesting is icky.

Shake-A-Puddin - Hi, my name is Melissa and I'm stuck in the '80s. Validate me. NOW!

The Grampa Institute - Hi, I'm a grumpy old man and I'm trying to be "hip" like all you darn young kids today with your hula-hoops and your fax machines and your The Smiths and...

Lamey - Lookit the freaks! Buy my CD!


  1. As usual, Dems miss the point. Why don't they all just take gigs as "town meeting disrupters," say whatever the GOP wants them to say, and then at the end of the canned spiel just add, "Oh, and some guy at a GOP think tank gave me twenty bucks to say all this shit. Isn't that neat?"

    I need to see if the GOP turf brigade is hiring. My Unemployment isn't gonna' last forever, y'know. And, hey, twenty bucks is twenty bucks. :p

    -- ms_xeno

  2. Sign me up. I could use an extra $20 and I can wave a sign with the best of 'em.

    What strikes me about the whole kefluffle is how the pwoggies are outraged that fake protestors are showing up to spoil these fake "health care events." It's like something out of a Vonnegut novel.

  3. There is some appealing dissonance to that. They all knew and accepted that the original healthcare "reform" promise was a promise for a tepid version of RomneyCare. And quite a few anticipated a miserable botch of even that much. Now that the legislation has reached the point where Business Week and the insurance industry are gloating, they know that the sham has turned into a sick, degrading farce -- an evil fart joke, with them as the punch line. Their only comfort is the mind-boggling, nearly majestic stupidity of the wingnuts.

    Some comfort that is. I'm at a loss for a suitably ridiculous analogy. The immense, enduring harm of this cynical "reform" is worse than anything Baby Doc Bush managed in the same policy area.

  4. Yeah, I hadn't thought of that. It must be comforting for pwogs, when their masters are busy pissing on their head, for them to be able to look over and see freeps enduring the same stinky shower.

  5. Well, it gives them something to do between bouts of Green/Indy-baiting, I guess.

    -- ms_xeno