Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mowing the Astroturf

Yes, I have a silly mustache. So?

Okay, now, I understand the whole hypocritical "But It's Okay When WE Do It" excuse that demotard fauxgressives trot out whenever they're caught doing the exact same shit as their republitard cousins. Like whenever Obama, say, fries a bunch of toddlers with hellfire missiles, the pwoggie chorus goes something like "Oh, we don't approve of that. We just voted for Obama for his domestic policies. And when Obama gives away trillions to banksters, the pwogs get together and whine in unison: "Oh, we don't approve of that. We just voted for Obama for his foreign policies."

So, yeah, I get that hypocrisy is the bedrock upon which pwoggie/freeper political discourse is built. But given that the forementioned is so self-evident, why now do the pwoggie blogs have their boxers in a bunch over freeper astroturfing? I mean, both corporate parties have been doing this shit since Eddie Bernays was in short pants. So what gives? I can only think of three possible reasons:

1 - Pwogs are so stunningly ignorant that they didn't know PR firms and professional lying existed until just now.

B - Orders from the DNC Monday e-mail said: "Act like giant pants-pissing babies re: freeper astroturf."

III - They're so afraid they'll have nothing to show their gullible followers after promising them the moon and the stars that they're frantic to pimp God-Emperor Obama's craptastic giveaway to the insurance companies just so they'll have a crumb to show to the rubes.

That's all I got. Anyone else got any suggestions?


  1. I have another suggestion. They're trying to expand their market share. They're looking to recruit from the vast and imaginary pool of people who would become pwogs in a heartbeat, if only they knew how very ultra-perfidious and extremely evil-fascistic the freepers are.

    Now there is a vast pool of fully or partially disengaged people. But it can't be bothered to join the hysterics. From the outside, and I'm positive the pwogs simply can't get it, the pwogglers come off as reasonable and appealing as enraged, paranoid telemarketers. From this "great unwashed" they want to recruit, they enjoy the same level of respect as their playmates, the freepers.

  2. While it's true that your average pwoggie's concept of US politics is a combination of half-remembered high school Civics 101 text books and masturbatory internet fantasy, it's hard to believe they're so far gone as to be impervious to the indifference of their peers. What I mean is, even Trapist monks have mirrors.

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