Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mike L: Portrait of an Obamaholic

Of all the pwoggie bloggie empire worshipers posting on the intarwebs these days, Mike Lux over at Obot Left must be one of the most prolific. Absurdities flow from his keyboard in a thick and steady stream, like sewage down a Mumbai ghetto street. I would bet real money that you'd be hard pressed to find a more blindly obedient, fanatical, servile boot lick this side of Mo'Betta Bowers. (If I had any money not already spent on horrendously over-priced health care, that is.)

Like many Obots, Mike considers himself "the left of the left." This is kind of like saying that Hootie and the Blowfish were one of the best death metal bands ever. Attempting to portray his party's bait-and-switch "public option" as the Holy Grail of health care reform borders on the obscene in the face of 50-60 people dying daily because of our lethally expensive heath care system.

Of course, excuse-making lesser-evil excrementalists like Mike "Left of the Left" Lux wouldn't last a New York minute in the same room with a real leftist. But if you have a strong stomach for servile absurdity, sycophantic puffery and kowtowing-a-plenty, you can read little Mikey's letter of undying devotion to his God-Emperor over at MoBetta Bower's place. Or you could just go ahead and jam your hand down a garbage disposal. The effect is much the same.

(Update: While schmoozing for dough from her demotard followers, Diggy characterizes herself as a "DFH" - which I'm guessing must mean "Democrat Fuck Head" since she can't possibly in her wildest Eisenhower Republican dreams imagine herself a "Dirty Fucking Hippy." That would be absurd. Surely.)


  1. So this is where Sara Robinson got her inspiration to start a PR firm. Maybe she can work her way up to Burson Marsteller. Then she can be a media star and a con artist.

  2. Mike Lux and Sara Robinson are the Keymaster and Gatekeeper of nutroots bullshit. We have got to get these two together somehow.

  3. ' sewage down a Mumbai ghetto street"

    Chocolate Rain!!

    But yeah, when I used to visit DKos, they all called themselves "DFH"s.