Monday, August 24, 2009

It's good to be the Queen

In the most patronizing way imaginable, Shake-A-Puddin has come down from on high to gift the unwashed masses with her banhammer policy. It's thick going, to say the least. Most of it seems to be predicated on the notion that only a chorus of harmonious pwoggieness can bring enlightenment to us lowly proles. It also has something to do with "Kyriarchy" which, as near as I can tell, is an old Mister Mister song. Otherwise the whole thing is couched in the superior sort of tone one finds particular to the most self-righteous sort of Women's Studies majors, neocons and bible fellowship teachers.

Here's a hint, Shakey. One doesn't have to be "the thought police" when one surrounds herself with butt-slurping toadies.


  1. I kinda hate myself for reading that post. Then again, I'm still better off than the sycophants over there (when have they not thought anything she hacks out is "fucking brilliant"?).

    Really though, you ought to start putting ratings on how many shots of whiskey should be consumed to be able to get through this shit.

  2. That's a prety good idea. Or maybe the number of blows to the head it would take before the average person could believe that unreconstructed bullshit.