Sunday, May 30, 2010


According to access blogger / assessor of national threats / low-level democratic party suckup Digby, one of the nine women pictured below of THE MOST DANGEROUS WOMAN IN AMERICA. Can you guess which woman threatens our very existence? Mouse over - if you dare!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pwoggie Fatwa II - Pwogs On Patrol!

Extreeeeeme Wibberal (last known photo)

Extreeeeeeme has had this particular burr under his bonnet for awhile, but now his lip-frothing rage has finally exploded all over his blog Scanners-style. Witness, then, Extreeeeeme's First Fatwa:

"I think it is incumbent upon us true progressives (I’m a liberal, damn it) to drive these posers from our party. There is nothing worse than someone who claims to be on your team but wants everything done the way they want it done – or else. These assholes are doing nothing but helping Republicans take control of our government again..."

Who are the dastardly infidels who are must be purged from the Holy and Apostolic Demotard Party's big giant circus tent? Who are the criminal terrorists who DARE make demands of God-Emperor Magic Sparkle Pony I?

It's the pwoggie bloggie law firm of Uygur, Hamsher and Greenwald. They're the worst!

"But..." I hear you object. "What about McKay, Newman and Probert? Aren't they worse?

NO you fool! There's nothing worse!

"Surely Bush, Cheney and Rumfeld are worse."

Mere jaywalkers compared to the devilish Gang of Three!

"Well, how about Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo?"

Nonsense! The Axis powers never threatened anything near as important as Our President-For-Life Barack Jesus Ghandi Aquinas Mother Theresa Gautama Skywalker Obama the One!

Clearly, Extreeeeeme has never seen The Jonas Brothers. But then he's been a shut-in since retiring from his job managing The Acme Buggy Whip Factory, so we really have to give him a pass on that one.

(Update: For an extra dose of arm flailing pwoggie outrage, check out Kay In Maine, Extreeeeeme's very own amen chorus, in the comments section. Hi-larious!)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pwoggie Fatwa

Continuing her jihad against anyone who even faintly opposes her boyfriend's imperial wars overseas contingency operations, Digby has scrawled a new face on her bloggie dartboard. The object of her latest fatwa? Bluegrass libertarian Rand Paul.

Not content with bashing the usual bunch of dirty greenie hippie peace nick types, our Democrat Doyenne has begun deluging her audience of delusional self-abusing demotards with post after post denigrating the "teabag terrorist." She's even sicked Triscut (4th rate access blogger and democrat-apologist-in-chief, for those of you keeping score at home) on the "proto-fascist" Kentuckian.

Triscut, I'm sure, will do his best to provide the usual pwoggie pap for the faithful, regurgitating the opinions of A-list pwoggie bloggers momma bird-style until Diggy finds another enemy of the God Emperor for him to panic over. Meanwhile, I predict we can look forward to some truly classic Diggy wigouts during the up-and-comin'. Stay tuned!

(Update: We've just reached the 1,000 dead soldier mark in Digby's Excellent Afghanistan Adventure. Yes we can! Yes we can!)

(Update: Digby's War to Liberate Afghanistan For Democracy is heating up, so another blast at mean old Rand Paul is in order. Gotta keep those peaceniks down, dontcha know.)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Democracy 101

This is what great political cartooning looks like. (Go read the accompanying text, too.)

Move 'em out, Pwoghide!

It's been a so long since the last round up! I bet the pwogs have wandered all over hell-and-gone and I'll have to ride for days to...

Huh. Well, nevermind then.

Alas, A Pwog - "Hey, all you single issue concern trolls! Nobody cares about abortion rights, so LEAVE KAGAN ALOOOOOOONE!"

Balk the Left - "There is a debate between fauxgressives and pwoggwessives over Kagan. Naturally, they're both wrong and I'm right."

Diggly Wiggly - "Andrew Sullivan sucks! Did anyone ask Roberts about his sex life? Kagan should be allowed to stay in the closet if she wants to. (Because, really, anything my boyfriend decides must be right.)"

Extreeeeeeeeme! - "Politics is just like grade school and their team is a big bunch of doodyheads! Hahaha! Here's several paragraphs of poor reasoned rationalization to prove it."

Gesundheit - "What can't we all just get along? Not that I care or anything. Harrumph!"

NewsPwogs - "Andrew Sullivan sucks! Did anyone ask Roberts or Alito about their sex life? Kagan should be allowed to stay in the closet if...she - uh, did somebody on the listserv already cover this?"

Obot Left - "Kagan is a wonderful selection by Our Emperor so shut the fuck up and send money to Joe Sestak, proles! My seat at Yearly Ko$ Nutroot$ Nation may be on the line here!"

Pwogman! - "Andrew Sullivan sucks! Our God-Emperor says Kagan is not gay. Obey the God-Emperor, peasants!"


Grampa - "Camille Paglia, uh, I'm mean, Andrew Sullivan sucks! Or something. Whatever. Zzzzzzzzz."

Lamey - "Heh heh. Our God-Emperor is really sticking it to those Republicans by nominating Kagan. Eleventy-dimensional chess! Our Team Wins! Whooot!"

Panderdome - "Ironman 2 sucked so bad, I made a mixtape about it."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hosannah Superstar

(And if you think that's bad, check Oborg Superstar Shakey's latest - and don't forget to read the comments!)