Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Shorter Mo'Betta Bowers:

Bullshit primaries are bullshit not because intra-party fixing and backroom deals make our incumbent re-election rates hover around ninty-five-fucking-percent. Noooo. Primaries are bullshit because the American people think they are! Clap if you want Tinkerbell to live!

Extra bonus cluelessness: Mo'Betta's mind-bendingly wrong analysis of MN6 (my home district! yay!) portrays scrappy independent Maureen Reed as the corporate-owned lackey and corporate-owned lackey Tarryl Clark as the scrappy independent. This is the funniest bit of pwoggie bloggie dipshittery since they tried to portray D-AL-C Franken as a liberal. (Or, for that matter, from Minnesota.)


  1. The pwoggie Tinkerbell, I'm sorry to say, has gonorrhea.

  2. [snerk]

    OTOH, apparently it's dirty pool to suggest that "3rd Party campaigns are bullshit because the American people think they are!"

    Clap, indeed. Doctor, it hurts when I think. Can you give me some pills for it?

    -- ms_xeno

  3. It's always been the fauxgressive contention that the world would be a perfect pwoggie paradise if they could just do away with those meddling kids!