Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"I'll give you such a pinch!"

Partisan propeller-head Big Head Demotard raises his tiny fist of defiance to liberal chickenhawk Michael Tomasky's assertion that the faugressive wing which BTD thinks he represents (speaking only for himself, though.) must fall in behind the God-Emperor's craptastic health insurance reform no matter how craptastic it is.

just love it when over-privileged merit-school kids get into a slap fight? It's like watching Joe Besser duke it out with Paul Rubens. Don't worry, though. They'll be BFFs again in time for the next election.

(Update: Pwogman! swoops in to the rescue, fucks the corpses of FDR and LBJ simultaneously and sides with nobody. From this one can see why pwogwessive support is so valuable. Thanks, Pwogman!)


  1. It's funny how according to these fucks the country can become much worse quickly yet any positive change must happen in increments.

    I'm also glad that Booman told me it's time for REAL health care reform. As opposed to when it was time for fake reform, cause the uninsured didn't really matter back then.

  2. Raised anxiety and lowered expectations is the axis upon which the wheels of pwoggiedom turn.

    But, yeah, they're really gonna kick that football this time. They weren't even trying all those other times. This time fer sure.