Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Logic Is Unassialable.

"What is emerging here is what was being planned by the Obama White House all along, which is they would only—they would only demand legislation that was accepted by the big drug companies and the big health insurance companies."

~Ralph Nader on Democracy Now (h/t 2 Spartacus in the comments!)

By now even the most determinedly oblivious of pwog bloggers has heard that God-Emperor Obama has publicly announced he is not going to buy them their 'Public Option' brand toy for Christmas. Never mind that the bauble Diggy & Pwogman and the rest so desperately crave is just a cheap plastic piece of crap made by Chinese prisoners (and marked up 1,200%) that will break in about the time it takes to unwrap it. They need the toy to bring to school and show their little friends how nice daddy 'Bama is to them.

So what happens next? Now that it looks like daddy 'Bama is going to buy the pwoggies an even cheaper 'Co-op' brand knockoff of the already crappy 'Public Option' brand, I mean. Are they going to throw a tantrum? Hold their breath until they turn blue? Finally move out of their parents basement? (Did I mention the pwoggies are in their twenties and thirties? Yeah, pathetic. I know.)

Don't be silly.

Most pwoggies are doing what they always do when their "team" kicks them good and hard in the groin. They're lying on the floor, holding their bruised tender parts and pretending nothing happened. Of the few who are actually acknowledging this latest shot to the crotch, their responses are already wearyingly predictable. Here's a couple early nerds:

They're Incompetent! - Putting out the flames in the comments section on Balk the Left, Big Turd Demotard is desperately portraying his masters and betters, not as the corporate-owned lying sharks they really are, but as kindly and well-meaning bunglers trying to salvage what they can from the wreckage. Of course, his logic is unassailable.

It's the Media's Fault! - Over at Gesundheit, pwoggie Brahman Atrios brushes away the flies disturbing his beautiful mind with the cow's tail of every pwogs fave-rave all-purpose excuse. If you listen closely, you can hear his comments section echo back: 'FIRST!'

Stay tuned as the rest of the moral cretins of the pwoggiesphere weigh in with more hackneyed rationalizations. They're logic is, as always, truly unassailable. Truly.

(Update: Grampa Pwog is siding with Brahman Atrios, shaking his cane at those darned meddling media kids! Here's a hint, Grandpa - 90% or so of all US media is owned by five corporations, three of which own a fair chunk of your fucking party, demotard.)

(Update: Pwogman! uses his super-duper powers of cosmic pwoggieness to explain that insurance company run "non-profit" Co-ops aren't such a bad thing after all and anyway what more do you want you buncha ingrates!)

(And This Just In - The crackpot-realists over at NewsPwoggers have come up with the quintessential do-nothing spaghetti-spined pwogwessive solution to the health care crisis - let the bodies pile up until 'serious reform becomes possible.' No shit! Go read it for yourself!)

(Update: It's a laugh-a-minute E-ticket ride for the whole family over at Mo'Betta Bowers place, where he's urging the pwoggie bloggie faithful to call their masters and thank them for being the fabulous sold-out corporate jellyfish they are.)

(Update: "Public option? What public option? We don't need no stinkin' public option! Or maybe we do. I dunno." RapMasterPwog Dday says over at Diggly Wiggly. )


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