Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stop hitting yourself!

Shorter Mo'Betta Bowers:

STFU about third parties already! Hey, look at our track record of rigging elections. Haha! How do you dirty fucking hippies like that? Huh? HUH? Losers! Now give me your lunch money!
Pop Quiz: Which is more repulsive? The fact that Mo'Betta this willfully ignorant of how his own party works or the fact that Mo'Betta is so astonishingly disconnected that he thinks politics is a fucking "game."


  1. This isn't really the right point in the election cycle for them to be getting all bawwww!! you can't change the system so shutup shutup no alternatives shutup bawwwwww!! is it?

    What are the poor dears so terribly nervous about? Could it be that on the horizon lurks a horde of potentially enraged first-time voters who:

    A) Are starting to realize that Obama isn't quite the bill of good he was sold to them as?

    B) Don't really remember anything about this horrid, nasty Nader fellow that all their elders are constantly spitting carpenter's nails over? (And so don't really understand why an election that happened a decade ago, in the Dark Ages, is a great excuse for their overlords to treat them like utter shit now.)

    and, finally

    C) Are not able to find work, and so have lots of free time to think? (Idle hands, Devil's playground, etc.)

    Oh, dear. I think that I need to go lie down.

    -- ms_xeno

  2. I suspect you've hit the freeper square on the head with that. (Don't worry. There's nothing up there you could damage with a mere hammer.) No doubt the pwogwessive elites are starting to panic because they're not getting the hits they used to get. Can't let that advertising liberally money dry up! Harrumph!

  3. Such a tawdry denouement to the pwog triumphalism of "taking back the country".

    I did an Alexa profile on Kos. The hits correspond to the level of pwog hysteria. They peaked in the summer of 08 and tanked in Jan 09. Here is the graph. In some ways, I reckon, bitter disappointment and agitation is actually good for the revenue machine. One might reasonably expect the disgrace and discredit to harm it, but nothing succeeds like failure -- a real "worse the better" strategy.

  4. Like all good corporate windup toys, Kos is failing up.