Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big Fish Eating Little Fish

Item - Chris Bowwow, the DNC lapdog, is bailing on his little foundation funded fauxgressive Obot Left site. Did the grant money run out? Who knows. But now he'll be wagging his tail in a specially made (and specially paid) kennel at DailyKult (aka 'the Great Orange Satan') as per a weepy goodbye post at Obot Left.

"But the plants will die without you!" wail the disconsolate dembots in the comments. Well, sure, but they're all plastic plants anyway - as befits an astroturf site like Obot Left. The only question left is - who's gonna feed Rosenberg his daily dose of DNC talking points? Who's gonna empty Sirota's drool bucket? And what about Scarecrow's brain?!


  1. "The only question left is - who's gonna feed Rosenberg his daily dose of DNC talking points? Who's gonna empty Sirota's drool bucket? "

    Sirota's drool will slowly fill a bucket to a certain weight where it will then lift a lever that automatically empties the bucket while also dropping a few DNC talking points into Rosenberg's lap.

    A Rube Goldberg contraption if you will that is sure to keep things going on interminably.

  2. It's a good thing this blog exists. Without it, I'm inclined to forget that people like Bowers exist, unless I had the previous bad fortune to have wasted time and energy posting to their sites.

  3. The pwoggle are like the former "radicals" who became "neo-liberals." They're all making concessions to "reality," lamenting the cruel injustices of life itself, while continuing their entrenchment beneath the Immense Fortress of Hating Republicans.

    No, it's not ironic. Pwoggies aren't hipsters, they're not into misunderstandings of irony. They're more like the kid who got cut 1st round from the JV football squad and hung around to be the "trainer" or water boy. They just want to be considered Part of the Team.

    Even when the Team is a bunch of lying shits, they want to be part. Their loyalty is mighty ...uh... something.

  4. "Part of the Team" could practically be the title of the Pwogwessive Manifesto.

    In general, pwogs are economically, geographically and in all other ways insulated enough so none of the brutal policies they advocate will ever affect them. This allows them to view politics as a sporting event, a semi-hobby they can play at like fantasy football or World of Warcraft.

    A few of the a-list access pwoggies manage to make a living off of this detached demographic by appealing to a shared Civics 101 view of American politics. They parlay conference calls with minor party functionaries and White House basement dwelling flacks into small donations to whoever the DCCC sponsored fauxgressive flavor of the month happens to be.

    In the pwoggiesphere, this is knows as "activism."

  5. Hell yeah.

    But I would call it the Pwoggie Me-Is-First-OH!