Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Move 'em out, Pwoghide!

It's been a so long since the last round up! I bet the pwogs have wandered all over hell-and-gone and I'll have to ride for days to...

Huh. Well, nevermind then.

Alas, A Pwog - "Hey, all you single issue concern trolls! Nobody cares about abortion rights, so LEAVE KAGAN ALOOOOOOONE!"

Balk the Left - "There is a debate between fauxgressives and pwoggwessives over Kagan. Naturally, they're both wrong and I'm right."

Diggly Wiggly - "Andrew Sullivan sucks! Did anyone ask Roberts about his sex life? Kagan should be allowed to stay in the closet if she wants to. (Because, really, anything my boyfriend decides must be right.)"

Extreeeeeeeeme! - "Politics is just like grade school and their team is a big bunch of doodyheads! Hahaha! Here's several paragraphs of poor reasoned rationalization to prove it."

Gesundheit - "What can't we all just get along? Not that I care or anything. Harrumph!"

NewsPwogs - "Andrew Sullivan sucks! Did anyone ask Roberts or Alito about their sex life? Kagan should be allowed to stay in the closet if...she - uh, did somebody on the listserv already cover this?"

Obot Left - "Kagan is a wonderful selection by Our Emperor so shut the fuck up and send money to Joe Sestak, proles! My seat at Yearly Ko$ Nutroot$ Nation may be on the line here!"

Pwogman! - "Andrew Sullivan sucks! Our God-Emperor says Kagan is not gay. Obey the God-Emperor, peasants!"


Grampa - "Camille Paglia, uh, I'm mean, Andrew Sullivan sucks! Or something. Whatever. Zzzzzzzzz."

Lamey - "Heh heh. Our God-Emperor is really sticking it to those Republicans by nominating Kagan. Eleventy-dimensional chess! Our Team Wins! Whooot!"

Panderdome - "Ironman 2 sucked so bad, I made a mixtape about it."


  1. This is my first look at Alas! A Blog. In my pwoggie trainspotting I'd never seen the term "firebagger" before. Could someone kindly let me know what it means?

    I'm amused that anyone still gets het up over a middlebrow fake rebel like Camille Paglia. Liberals give her most of what little press she gets. Suckers.

    I just found Dennis Perrin's YearlyKos diary from a few years ago. Off to read it now, since I can't afford Savage Mules at the moment.

  2. "fire bagger" is the way John Cole's cult, among others, combined "tea bagger" and "firedoglake" as a way of attacking Jane Hamsher's opposition to Rahm and insurance "reform," as well as her occasional willingness to work with Grover Norquist.

    It's now entered the lexicon as shorthand for "left wing dirty fucking hippie who won't take punches from sensible, centrist, pragmatic adult chess masters"

  3. Oh, John Cole. I loved his whining today:

    "And I reject flat out that deferring to the judgment of your Senators and the President is simply “cult like” behavior. WTF did we elect these people to do? Should we just have referendums on Supreme Court nominees now? How is someone like me, with no legal training, supposed to make the kind of informed decision on Kagan’s legal logic? I have a job and a yard to mow and pets to take care of and bills to pay- I don’t have time for a direct democracy."

  4. ...if you ever need an object lesson in how bad people come to rule the rest of us, refer to Jane's quote above.

  5. Alan,

    I finally finished perusing every link in your pwogroll. Your summations are quite on the mark.

    Well done.



  6. Thanks Jack. I was wondering what the whole "firebagger" thing was about too. I suppose, since the right wing demotard crowd call themselves "DFHs" they had to invent a new derogatory term for the real DFHs.

    The mysteries of the pwoggie mind are vast indeed. And kind of icky.

  7. Bueno!

    I especially like how Alas, a Pwog picked up and ran with my theme from a few days ago. Do I get points for the assist?

  8. Paglia voted for Nader at least once, though. That's gotta' count for something. ;)

  9. Fuck you. Fucking die in a ditch with a mouthful of blood, you shit spewing self-righteous fucks. You dipshits are fucking oblivious to your complete uselessness even as you continue to achieve absolutely fucking nothing. Go on, list your successes. That's what I thought.

    Call your fucking mommy and whine to suck her titty, Naderite shitbreath.

  10. LOL

    Somebody's slacking off on their night shift at the corner meth lab, it would seem...

  11. Huh. I didn't know Eric Alterman read my blog.

  12. Nothing quite like someone laboring under the illusion of usefulness.

  13. You go, "who cares?" - keep putting your back into that rightward ratchet effect. I'd love to hear what you consider your "accomplishments".

  14. Obots that far gone have generally lost all mobility, his ass having fused to his couch long ago. Obot accomplishments usually include: donating to ActBlue, blog copping DKos and writing fawning, borderline obscene e-mails to Nancy Pelosi.

  15. The vehemence with which some sheep protect their wolves is touching. Such enthusiasm for being ripped apart, consumed and shitted out. Greater love hath no man than this. In the Gospel According to Saint Pelosi, 'tis better to be eaten than idle, and to be actively wrong than passively right.

  16. Ah yes. From the book "Wadda We Gonna Dooooo?" Chapter 6, Verses 14-16. Well quoted, Sean.

  17. Oy. Pelosi. Y'know, a person whose opinions I usually respect really likes her. (Okay, I did, too. In 2000, for about ten minutes.) One laudatory comment they made? "Oh, she's that age and she still looks good."

    Uh, great. First of all: why does it matter what she looks like if she's got a void where both her brains and her soul should be? Second of all: how hard is it to look good when you've spent your entire damn life as a child of privilege?

    I am SO glad that it's almost Happy Hour.

  18. I take back what I said. People like who cares? are perfectly useful tools.

  19. I know what you mean, Ms X. Pelosi's image management is miles better than her actual accomplishments.