Monday, May 10, 2010

Hosannah Superstar

(And if you think that's bad, check Oborg Superstar Shakey's latest - and don't forget to read the comments!)


  1. I lost the vision in my right eye, upon viewing this.

  2. So minority rights aren't important then?

  3. Lookit little Jenny go! Go Jenny Go! Boost that Shakesville Porky Pudding Puerile Pablum! "JM" will save Porky Pudding's reputation! Super-Jenny!

    Urban Dictionary Definition 23:

    Jenny -- to lurk, very very hard. also to be wrong, or to be both short and wrong.

  4. I say we crucify the fucker, and see if he rises in 3 days or not. Enough with the speculation already.

    As an aside, I love the little exchange with LiberalBlackGuy where they tell him they are revoking his posting privileges because he implied that the Shakie cult wants an echo chamber.

    "For now, at least, I'm revoking your commenting privilege....this is because of your repeated insinuations that Liss, or any of the other contributors and mods here, is only interested in an echo chamber, or that someone could genuinely believe that we're starting from a place of bad-faith behaviour"

    "@LiberalBlackGuy I think I still screw up posting around here. Hades, Melissa even critiqued one of my comments today. One of the things I had to learn was to apologize, work on doing better, and listen. I think I am a much better person because of it."

    No, you can't make this stuff up.

    If Mother Lissa wags her finger at you, apologize, remain silent, and meditate on your transgressions until you mend the error of your ways.

  5. "A hopefulness that radiates like whoa from the pores of indefatigably optimistic dreamers"

    "Grenade through your window bitch, like WHOA!"
    -Black Rob

  6. Next time I'd appreciate a trigger warning.

    Seriously, she's the female Mr. Van Driessen of bloggers.

  7. Yer right. Sorry about that Jane. I really should put a little "Mr Yuck" symbol next to Shakeytown links.

  8. Alan, you may wish to investigate the latest efforts by Digby to provide ideological cover for Obie's nomination of pragmatist hack Elan Kagan to the Highest Judicial Body of the Land: A task I'd expect to employ the best talents the pwogosphere has to offer for perhaps days to come...

  9. Jesus Christ. You know, you can agree with someone on one thing and disagree on another. I initially agree with the "not sitting down and taking it" stance that underlines the post, I disagree with the oversensitivity of the comment policy. Are we clear? Oh and did I mention your hilarious ad homenim attacks on her weight? Fucking hell.

  10. Go have a cry, Jenny.

  11. Peter,

    Middle class white feminists - scanning that section of the Commentariat - seem happy about Obama's nod to Kagan.

    Happy with the "great news," in fact. Seemingly on the grounds that she's a woman and might be favorable to repealing DADT.


    Marxism went the way of bourgeois academics, scuttled in favor of whispering about revolutionary whispers.

    Feminism has become the project of middle class essentialists who occasionally stop shouting in their echo chambers long enough to endorse movies about rapist black men.

    Gay rights agitators are "struggling" for the "right" to put on a uniform and kill for Uncle, or get married with the approval of City Hall.

    And excepting folks like Glen Ford, Obama has neutered historically reliable black opposition to structural authority.

  12. Hey, it all balances out, I guess. I disagree with Oxtrot about a number of things even though I generally enjoy his posts. I just hope he never finds out that I'm one of those scary fat people, too.



  13. I think ms_x might guess that my beef with Jenny has nothing to do with a substantive disagreement, and everything to do with Jenny's Politeness Patrol style of bomb-dropping. Church Lady is funny when Dana Carvey does it, but not when an e-troll named Jenny, Col Jenny Sparks, or JM does it.

    Besides, Puddin-Pop posts a picture of her porcine visage, inviting one to note her status as a weight-challenged, gravity-advantaged person.

  14. Well, you can always hope that Dear Leader and Mrs. Dear Leader pack us lesser lookers off to Federal Fat Camp, Oxtrot. You know, once they've got that second term sewn up and all.

    You can all bond over that, at least.

    Maybe also arrange for us unsightly types to have our images exiled to sites dubbed something clever like blahblahblah.fat, where your beautiful mind and perfect physique would never be troubled by them again.

  15. Whatchoo projectin' there?

  16. Dude, I could ask you the same thing. Personally, I don't care if you look like George Clooney, George Wendt, or some amalgam of both. I'm not gonna' either laud you or insult based on some picture you put up on the internet, unless we're all taking Photoshop lessons together.

    Seriously. That shit's obnoxious.

  17. I think you made that point clear well above. But thanks for again taking the time to attack me for my view on fat fuckers. Or fuckettes.

    Losing weight is easy. Very easy. And, incidentally, very good for you.

  18. Post-script:

    Calories ingested vs calories burned. It's a simple equation.

    Metabolic challenge? Then eat less. Or exercise more.

    Why someone would abuse him- or herself by porking out to blimp status continues to escape me. It's the bodily equivalent of worshiping the Democrats. It's self-abuse.

  19. Ah, yes. I guess everyone has to have their little pet fundamentalisms, don't they?

    There are plenty of websites out there that talk most articulately about the failure of weight-loss programs, surgeries and so forth. Plenty of them also nicely debunk the idea that exercise means nothing unless it visibly causes its practitioners to shrink down several dress sizes. To say nothing of the notion that one will automatically obtain perfect health, rather than risk their health, by losing weight. Perhaps someday you'll want to check them out.

    Incidentally, unless you are psychic, you cannot discern by looking at a person how and why they became fat, or were always fat. There's no, er, one-size-fits-all case or set of circumstances out there.

    No, sorry. To me, all this fat hatred shit is just an excuse for people to be self-righteous moralizers without actually having to pick up a Bible and memorize a few verses. The "self abuse" bit is a nicely old-timey-religious touch, BTW.

    But, tell you what: this here "fat fuckette" will just leave you alone from here on in. And she invites you to return the favor.

    Later, Oxtrot.

  20. Pet fundamentalism?

    How ironic. Instead of the Noble Savage, we have the Noble Blimp?

  21. The comments over there at shakesville read like a 12-step program on cultural sensitivity. LiberalBlackGuy must be a masochist or something.

    And I love the policy of banning commenters who don't follow the rules. I've only seen that happen at one other blog, Alas, A Blog. Nothing quite like watching a bunch of self-proclaimed "liberals" enforcing a zero-tolerance policy on unacceptable speech.

  22. Unacceptable speech in Shakeytown is pretty much anything not having to do with how wonderful Melissa and her blog is. Obama worship is okay too, so long as one acknowledge's Melissa's divinity as well. Jonestown wasn't as strictly run. Srsly.

  23. @ Peter Ward:
    Can I safely assume that you're using the word "pragmatist" in its modern sense -- as a euphemism for "not giving a flying fuck about anything and just going whichever way works best for me personally", as commonly used by young conservative types who don't give a flying fuck about anything but themselves?