Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Democracy 101

This is what great political cartooning looks like. (Go read the accompanying text, too.)


  1. I think this is more of what a republic looks like. I'm pretty sure everyone is a little crazy, but only about 5% are crazy about the same thing. Every one of those groups in the cartoon is a small percentage of the population. In direct democracy, they would just be the odd balls. In our Republic, where people are elected by around 20% - 30% of the population, a 5% wacko population becomes an important voting demographic. The wackos will be embraced by politicians if their position helps polarize the population and they don't harm the ruling elite.

  2. Exactly Anon. We're given such scant options about what is acceptable within political dialog that lots of people who are very upset with a myriad of things are forced to funnel these emotions into one or a couple of the pre-designed social issues that the ruling classes have decided create both strong feelings and do not threaten their rule.