Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If a pwog falls in the forrest...

Fauxgressives luvs them some "internet activism." It allows them to pretend they're engaging in meaningful political action while never having to leave the warm 'n cozy comfort of their local Starbucks. Of course, "internet activism" has the same relationship to real activism as Wii Sports has to real athletics (not-a-fucking-thing) but don't be a lulz killer and tell them that. Otherwise we wouldn't get hilarious blog posts like: Open Letter to the Left Establishment: Pre-Post-Mortem over at soon-to-be-punted-to-the-Pwoggie-Bloggie-list, Corrente.

The post is a tl:dr catalog of butthurt over fauxgressive non-reaction to the titular Open Letter, which is itself a tepid plea to famous fauxgressives from slightly-less-famous faugressives to be a little less, well, fauxgressive. So far, this mighty effort has garnered less than the number of e-signatures on the latest 'Continue "Firefly" Petition' and elicited exactly zero responses from the targeted Obot celebs. (With the exception of Katrina (party)van dem Eggs who was overheard in the offices of 'La Nation' laughing wildly over the petition.)

Fortunately, our feckless pwogwessives don't have the first fucking clue where to look for real opposition to the Empire. Though some pwogs have begun baaaaw-ing at on-line resistance groups, they're still blissfully clueless when it comes to IRL. I, for one, hope they stay that way.


  1. Firefly is a worthier cause. Nicely caught, and nicely done.

  2. Thanks, Jack. The "Firefly" petition was probably more effective, too.

  3. This petition is what inspired my Chomsky rant - since it was chock full of celebrity progressives, and I was castigated for suggesting that this was a list of Democrats asking other Democrats not to be so brazenly Democratic because the hoi polloi were starting to pay attention.

  4. Someone's been reading 4chan.

  5. [shrug]

    I'm with Halle on this one. Does that make me a celeb? Whatever.

  6. Also, I thought that Firefly was highly overrated, though it didn't irritate nearly as much as goddamn Buffy.

  7. Yeah, it is laughable, I agree. In fact, I actually find these chumps far more irritating than even the remaining Obots.

    And come 2012, you know these same people will be demanding total support for Obama because Sarah Palin will bring on the Apocalypse or something.

  8. Criminy.

    I just read that Newspwoggers article, and I couldn't help but notice this bullshit about them silencing...

    "...without consent or recourse the commercial speech of an institution they disagreed strongly with."

    The "commercial speech" of Mastercard, Visa, and Amazon? Is that any relation to the "money is speech" doctrine as presented in Citizens United? Is it any wonder that we're so fucked up when businesses can conspire to hide the facts and screw people over virtually unimpeded, and when someone does what they can to even out the score, they get a finger-wagging lecture from some self-important bougie hypocrite about how they ought not to mildly inconvenience the Powers That Be as they go about their business?