Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pwoggie Fatwa

Continuing her jihad against anyone who even faintly opposes her boyfriend's imperial wars overseas contingency operations, Digby has scrawled a new face on her bloggie dartboard. The object of her latest fatwa? Bluegrass libertarian Rand Paul.

Not content with bashing the usual bunch of dirty greenie hippie peace nick types, our Democrat Doyenne has begun deluging her audience of delusional self-abusing demotards with post after post denigrating the "teabag terrorist." She's even sicked Triscut (4th rate access blogger and democrat-apologist-in-chief, for those of you keeping score at home) on the "proto-fascist" Kentuckian.

Triscut, I'm sure, will do his best to provide the usual pwoggie pap for the faithful, regurgitating the opinions of A-list pwoggie bloggers momma bird-style until Diggy finds another enemy of the God Emperor for him to panic over. Meanwhile, I predict we can look forward to some truly classic Diggy wigouts during the up-and-comin'. Stay tuned!

(Update: We've just reached the 1,000 dead soldier mark in Digby's Excellent Afghanistan Adventure. Yes we can! Yes we can!)

(Update: Digby's War to Liberate Afghanistan For Democracy is heating up, so another blast at mean old Rand Paul is in order. Gotta keep those peaceniks down, dontcha know.)


  1. Honest question, what's wrong with bashing Paul? Aside from being anti-war (which his website seems to have completely removed now that he's won the nomination), he seems just as backward as any other Republican (or Democrat). Even his libertarian credentials are bullshit according to his stances on the "issues" listed on his site.

    I get that Digby is making the argument that liberal progressives are "better" than politicians like Paul, but once you remove the false conclusion Paul is still worthy of ridicule with his only redeeming quality being mediocre enough to recognize that the Afghanistan and Iraq wars were going to be fucked.

    Granted, I'm not really paying much attention to the Kentucky race and only know a limited amount about Paul.

  2. Digby's a good little imperial drone, and it's kind of amusing to watch her jealously froth at the mouth over Rand Paul. Especially since the tea bag crowd did to the republicans in a couple short years what Digby and her pwoggie bloggie cohorts have so miserably failed to do to the democrats in ten.

  3. I never thought of it that way! Why do you think the Tea Baggers have had such success when liberal progressives have had almost none in their party?

    I think it's because of the stigma attached to anything left of Ronald Reagan that has provided a head-start to conservative Tea Baggers and made their message more acceptable to media coverage.

  4. From what I hear Paul bashed Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez as petty dictators during his acceptance speech. That's a pretty good indicator where he is going to be when it comes to following the empire's agenda, and I imagine he will quickly switch gears on his "anti-war" views. He seems a standard-issue Repukelickin' but with the evangelical devotion to capitalism of the Libertarians. This guy might prove to me worse than the average D-Party goon.

    Is this guy named after Ayn Rand?

  5. I think whether he turns out to be a goon or not has to do with which way the political winds blow rather than anything essential about Rand himself. If a nazi is what it takes to keep the public in line a nazi we'll get (ditto a DP politician such as Obama). At this point it seems in policy he'll be a pretty typical Republican.

  6. @ Sean: Yeah, he sure as hell is. Oh, and btw, my own personal barometer for just how clueless a politician or pundit is, is how quick s/he is to jump on the Bash Morales And Chavez Bandwagon.


    But, aaaa-aaaanyway...

    Granted, Digby's a goddamn' world-class tool, but, still... you have to admit that the Paulies really have been engaging in intimidation and voter suppression in that classic GOP Banana Republic fashion:

    This isn't to say that the Donkeycrats haven't also been engaging in massive intimidation and voter suppression; they just do it in a more subtle and passive-aggressive manner -- basically, with relentless, sorry-assed guilt-tripping, like my wife has tried on me in every Presidential election since we got married (1991). It worked once -- just once -- in 1992; ever since then, it's been fat fucking chance, sweetheart. To paraphrase Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy, she hates me for my freedom.

  7. Rand, like his father, has no problem taking help or money from the white race warriors.

    He may represent backlash against the liberal imperial faction, but neither he nor his captive electorate should not be counted on for any support in dismantling empire itself.

  8. As to what Paul may or may not believe, well, the best measure of that is examining what he's done and there's precious little there. What he's said is all over the place and certainly bears watching, but absent a comprehensive analysis I don't think there's any point in going all bible code over him.

    Personally, my interest in Paul extends only so far as he (and the tea party creeps in general) gives Digby and her pwoggie bloggie listerv kewl kids klub the hyper-spasm wimwams. How much the tea partiers are a creature of the republican establishment is certainly debatable, but they are a real-world meat space political force of the kind that pixel pushing intarweb frauds like Ko$ & Diggy can only pretend they are in their wildest on-line masterbatory fantasies.

  9. The fact that Drs Paul pere et fils are both John Birchers (latent bigots) doesn't mean Digby deserves a pass.

    What the fuck is wrong with you whiny fucktards who are rehabilitating Dipshit Digby in this thread?

    Dipshit Digby is a gatekeeper of "safe dissent" -- meaning, dissent that is ineffectual because it dissents from nothing.

    Digby dissents from what?


    That's all.

    And if you think dissenting from Republicans is the fix, you're a good whack stupider than you ought to be before reading this blog.

  10. Oxy, I don't see where anyone is giving Digby a pass, let alone rehabilitating her. That's quite an impressive stretch there, Mr Armstrong. I think everyone here gets what Digby is about--using the Republicans to create a bar low enough for the Democrats to belly crawl over. Even us whiny fucktards. I don't see where pointing out that Paul is a piece of shit negates that in any way, unless you think dissenting from the Democrats is the fix, in which case...

  11. Sweet Jesus, the commenters agree with me for once!

    Here's more on Paul:

  12. @ Mike: Couldn't agree with you more. The Morales/Chavez thing is a pretty good yardstick.

    The D-Party operatives accomplish their voter suppression by getting confused liberals to believe their party is the lesser of two evils and therefore, they have no alternative. It's as effective as flat out denying them right the vote, since they will never use their vote for a better 3rd party candidate if it means risking an evil Republican getting through. It ensures our elections are always a coin flip where it's heads they win, tails you lose. That's where Digby and the like come in.

  13. I agree with Alan that it's all about the comedy factor. I mean, what's more entertaining--watching a politician put his foot in his mouth in a half-assed attempt to criticize a national sacred cow, or people like Keith Olbermann go into fits of faux-outrage over the piece of "landmark legislation" thy name of which thou shalt never take in vain?

    I'll take the latter for my money. Paul's a politician so that makes him full of shit by definition.

  14. Sean wrote:

    Oxy, I don't see where anyone is giving Digby a pass, let alone rehabilitating her. That's quite an impressive stretch there, Mr Armstrong. I think everyone here gets what Digby is about--using the Republicans to create a bar low enough for the Democrats to belly crawl over...

    Yeah. Exactly. Digby (and her ilk) aren't important enough for me to measure the strength of my likes and dislikes based on how well or how poorly they line up with hers.

    If I find out tomorrow that Digby and I both prefer wearing navy blue to wearing traffic-cone orange, I'm not gonna' suddenly start doing the reverse out of fear that some buffoon will otherwise think that we're sisters under the skin, or something.