Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Wolf In Pwog Clothing?

(Extreme Obot?)

Fellow pwogwranglers, I may have been hornswoggled! The cumulative time spent reading Extreme Obot's blog has left me thinking he's running a clever parody blog Colbert-style. How else can one explain this:
"While that small but very vocal minority of Obama-haters keep chattering on, our awesome President keeps doing what he said he would do and delivering on his promises. Washington pundits don’t know how to act when someone actually does what they say and doesn’t let the media push them around with poll results. Keep it up, “Prez”, you’re doing an excellent job."
By itself this paragraph doesn't mean much. You can find similar on any of the pwoggie blogs. But the sheer amount of blind Obama worship! The vituperative hatred spat at anyone who dares to criticize the God-Emperor! Even the gawd-awful industrial gray look of the page begs the question - could even the most sycophantic demotard come up with a blog that repulsive?


  1. Did the dumbass happen to mention the 50,000 troops that are going to remain? What does he suppose these people are going to do over there, roam around the country in search of old ladies to help across the street? Oh, wait, I see. Those aren't *combat* troops. Nevermind.

  2. I think little old lady street crossing duty goes to the 100,000 mercenaries we have there. But EO is completely unhindered by facts - a trait that pretty much all pwogs share.

  3. I read that blog pretty regularly and I'm always surprised at how unbelievably in the tank that guy is with Obama.

    Joe, he even admits there are remaining troops there for "training Iraqi forces, supporting the Iraqi government and engaging in counter-terrorism." It's the "counter-terrorism" aspect that really astounds me... does he not understand that still means murder-campaigns?

    Nevermind, it's all good because Obama's math was correct.

  4. Yeah, man, no two ways about it. It's gotta be a couple of guys from Colbert's staff writing that shit.

    That excerpt, especially, sounds so goddamn' over the top that it can't possibly be written on the square.

    That's why I've preferred Colbert over Jon Stewart pretty much since his show premiered -- hell, I preferred him to Jon Stewart even when he was still a "reporter" on the Daily Show -- because Colbert is unabashed, in-your-face parody while Jon Stewart is just the Matt Drudge of pwogwessives: a guy who takes himself too seriously and is totally full of himself, who got lucky with a story that'd make anybody look like Ed Murrow -- the 2000 Presidential "elections" -- and is determined to ride that pony 'til it drops.

  5. Oh, and btw:

    Sorry to be so late commenting on week-old posts, but I've just returned from two weeks in South Africa, and have happily been unable to follow the "news" from the Untied States of Amerika.

    Still, I got to see some great shit I've been aching to see (got some great up-close-and-personal footage of the "Big Five": lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, Cape Buffalo) -- along with some stuff that was difficult to look at but which I needed to see (Robben Island Prison and several hard-scrambled, beat-down townships).

    However, the tour was organized by a couple of pwogwessive lesbian activist types (one of whom is a native-born White South African, the other a high-level type in the Philadelphia social-services department) and a soft-core pwog peacenik outfit -- so I was one of five guys in a group of 25 people and, as a result, spent two weeks drowning in a sea of estrogen and being relentlessly pummeled by pwoggie feminist touchy-feely niceness. I guess it was just the price I had to pay for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in South Africa.

    Trouble is, it's going to take me a couple of pitchers of martinis, a pack of unfiltered Camels, 127 bong hits and four hours of Led Zeppelin to grow my dick back.

  6. Sounds like a painful road back, Mike. Send the vermouth, gin/vodka, Camels, Zeppelin, bong and cannabis to me, I'll undertake the regimen, video myself every step of the way, and report back...just to make sure it's safe!

  7. To be fair, Obes has largely done as he promised--escalating the assault on Afghanistan, e.g. But obviously being proud of this fact is depraved, in the very least.