Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who will rid me of this troublesome issue?

Looks like the pwoggie blogs have something else to obsess about besides pimping their craptastic lesser-evil health care non-reform (or as Emperor Obama corrected in his presser last night - "health insurance reform.") Perhaps orders came in the morning memo to focus on this unsurprising but clear cut bit of racism. Or maybe they're just desperate to focus on something more hopey-changey than Obama's latest bait-and-switch. Either way it's full court press time for working for single payer lauding Dear Leader for his kind words about the Gates arrest.

How do I know? Because almost every single spineless glue-huffing pwoggie blog on the list has one or more posts up about it. The only exception is PwogMan!, who appears to be curled into a fetal position, rocking back and forth in some kind of pwoggie repub-hatred trance. (Is it possible for pwogs to be autistic?) What this portends I can't possibly imagine. Could PwogMan! have finally reached his limit for cognitive dissonance? Could this be The End for PwogMan!???

(Update: Guess not. PwogMan! has snapped out of his ponfar-like state to join the Pwoggie Chorus in a rousing performance of 'Hossanah Obama in the Highest.')

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