Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ein Reich! Ein Folk! Ein Party!

First off, please welcome a new site the Pwoggie Bloggie puddin' pop list, The Grampa "Git off my lawn you dirty fucking hippy!" Institute. They used to write some pretty funny stuff concerning their freeper kin. But now that their party is in the majority and killing brown people for oil, they're kinda out of a job. Now they just sit on the blog porch in their rocking chairs, screaming at "Naderiods." Kinda sad, really.

This latest gem of pwoggie bloggie wisdom comes to us fresh from the mighty presses of the NewsPwoggers. It's hard to tell exactly what this little manifesto is all about, but it looks like the pwogs are taking cues from the good old National Socialist Workers Party. How's this for a punch line?
"I would love to see an 870 seat strategy enacted."
I suppose it's just possible Fester doesn't know about his party's ballot line rigging. Maybe he's not familiar with our 95% incumbancy re-election rate. It could be he's just a terminally partisan demozombie. Or maybe he thinks that's the number of seats the dems would have to have to get single payer passed.

And, ya know, he'd still be wrong.


  1. The Poorman's finest moment as a blogger came when he was ankle biting other pwogs for General Clark. As an infantile irritant, he was a giant among pwogs. It's been downhill since then for him, the poor, sad miserable dork. Now all he's got left is sweaty, glassy-eyed pwog triumphalism, like a Wal Mart shopping warrior who's successfully stomped all the consumers who got between him and the last DVD player.

  2. Wesley "Kosovo" Clark? The guy that shills for fucking ethanol now? Oh well, at least he's got a nice rocker with a nice view of his front lawn and a nice stick to shake at the neighbor kids while he's yelling at 'em.