Monday, July 6, 2009

Your Monday Morning Nerd Report

Shorter Brain Left Out:
'I'm a radical! Well, actually, I'm a merit school technocrat with an over-inflated sense self importance. Watch me misapply an obscure mathematical concept to prove how much smarter we "moderates" are than everyone else on the planet. But I'm not being smug! Losers.'


  1. I can't bear to read more than a few sentences of the pwogs' deep-think pieces. I get the feeling they're supposed to have aspects that are rich in irony; like the self-deprecation of someone normally skilled and careful who is having a tough day and trying to break the jinx. But they're nothing like that. Not in the least. At best, they come across as Al Franken doing one of his "look at me looking at myself!" schticks.

  2. Self awareness isn't a pwogwessive strong suit. But it's astonishing, the lengths pwogs will go to make excuses for their masters and betters. Check out the comments section for some particularly ripe examples.

  3. "Collectively and individually we are, and have been, doing something that is demonstrably and directly detrimental to our interests. However this tendency as a whole -- a whole to which we belong -- theoretically tropes towards the condition of liberalism over time, which benefits us, while the wingnuts remain cognitive cripples."