Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Really Real Realists

Shorter NewsPwoggers:

You dirty greenie hippies are soooooo naive, unlike us realistic and worldly smartguys who support democrats even though we don't approve of them! But why oh why would anyone find fault with God-Emperor Obama's Cap'n Trade Plan To Save The World Through Clean Coal and Nukes? It's an insult to right-thinking people everywhere! Anyway, I'm happy with sucking down huge drafts of CO2! Global warming is good for farmers! Radiation is good for your complexion! Sure it is! Prove it isn't!


  1. That tag, "compromise for its own sake", should be a banner on every pwog blog. It's not easy to cede ground before any call to do so is issued. It's even harder to cede ground when it would be easier to accomplish something positive. Bless their hearts, they always manage. However, their Leninist, the-worse-the-better, capitulation strategy might flag if they don't constantly renew their understanding of its importance.

  2. That's what I like about 'em, Al. They start out pre-defeated, so no one is disappointed!

  3. The Obama cap and trade plan does do the pwogs some good -- that's assuming their employment distribution resembles their wingnut counterparts'. It's going to shovel enormous amounts of money into the FIRE sector. Most of it will be raked off at the top, but the trickle-down will keep the merit babies in the game of corporate musical chairs for a while longer. That's all they want, I reckon, just like the wingnuts, at whatever cost is imposed on everyone else, not to mention the planet itself.

    I used to think there was a glimmer of cynical understanding to their political strategy, but it looks truly ingenuous to me these days -- all thoughtless, thought-free propriety in the fundamentals.