Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pwogman to the Rescue!

As fallout over the administration's little truth-slip continues, Pwogman is forced to employ his mighty powers of STFU in order to quell the disturbances in rank-and-file pwogwessives:

"Ooh, some big, bad White House adviser defended the administration against one more heated attack. My feelings are hurt. Guess what? You should get over it."

Aside from making some truly bizarre claims ('Obama has ended torture, prevented the Second Great Depression and cured all forms of cancer with his Holy Hope for Change!') Pwogman's point is that only he and his do-nothing demoshill pwoggie brethren are allowed to criticize the God-Emperor. Harrumph! Harrumph!

Why? Well, because they support Him uncritically and unconditionally in everything He does! So, of course, Obama must love them the best of all! And all you hyper-critical Hillary supporters have to STFU in the face of superior pwoggie Hope for Changeyness! So there! Eleventy!

I don't know about you, Dear Readers. But it looks to me like the pwogs have finally joined their freeper cousins in the Broken Brain Club for Political Naifs.

Speaking only for me.

(Update: Violet Socks has formulated the perfect response to Pwogman's pathetic little temper tantrum.)

(Update: Big Tent Demotard, representing the crackpot realist Clintonista wing of the pwoggiesphere, weighs in with his own STFU. He's not nearly as good as Pwogman mind you. But that's why he's Pwogman! if you get my drift.)

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