Monday, October 26, 2009

Pot...Kettle...You Do The Math.

From Shake-A-Puddin', Teh Bestestest Evar Website On Teh Intarwebs Evar BBF LOL, comes this little gem of utter zombiefied cluelessness:

"I'm endlessly fascinated amused by conservatives' obsessive need to consume nothing but conservative media. It's not good enough to listen to music or watch a movie or whatever, they're constantly seeking conservative music."

The Shake-A-Cultist, I've already forgotten which one it is (and, really, does it matter?) goes on to snark at conservitards for their tendency to prefer Fox News and Garth Brooks over MSNBC and Pearl Jam. My gosh, what a brilliant observation! Why, there ought to be a website devoted to just that subject.

Let's remember context. This statement appears on one of the premier pwoggie cult websites, a place dedicated entirely to the emotional, intellectual and financial support of a single guru-wannabe whose idea of political activism is posting pictures of her cats for the adulation of her braindead followers. (If only there were a website devoted to just that subject.)

NO dissent is tolerated at Shake-A-Puddin' lest it interrupt their efforts at "teaspooning." (A concept which I have abso-tootly-ootly NO desire to investigate, as I have a low tolerance for 'ick'.) In Melissa's Fabu Kingdom, even the mildest disagreement with Her Highness' pronouncements is banhammered into oblivion. Nothing is allowed to disturb her beautiful mind. Shake-A-Puddin' is a veritable intarweb fortress, safe from the constant efforts of bullies and trolls and and and orcs and goblins and ghouls and vampires and zombies and the Taliban and dirty greenie hippies and Mobutu Sese Seko and the Basque Separatists and neo-nazi cannibals and John Kenneth Galbraith and just everybody who is trying to marginalize and silence her unique and gifted voice.


Truly, the Intarweb is the only place where McEwan's batshit insanity could go unremarked. Well, and maybe Utah. But that's as may be. Certainly Melissa has created for herself a "safe space" where her every little middle-class merit school opinion is instantly validated by her hand-picked cadre of droolcase pwogwessive cultists. And why not? Wouldn't everyone like to build a little snow fort from which they can pitch snowballs at the cold, cruel world outside?

The fact that Shake-A-Puddin' is little more than the pwoggie mirror reflection of sites like Little Green Turdballs never dawns on our neurotic teaspooning intarweb goddess and her gutless pack of craven toadies. How else would statements like the above be possible? In the bi-polar world of pwoggies and freepers, self-awareness is something that happens only to other people.

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