Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"I'll Give You Such A Pinch!"

Shorter Sirota @ Obot Left

"Say, has anyone else noticed that our electoral system is totally fucked and the Democrats are total fucking corporate sellouts?"

Shorter Pwogman!

"Anybody But Bush! Anybody But Bush! Naderite! Traitor! Narcissist! Burn him! Buuuuuuurn him!"


  1. BooBoo is remarkably stupid, I must say. It's good to know that one can skip out on his natterings for several years at a stretch and miss virtually nothing.

    Not that I give a rat's ass about Sirota. Let them all flay each other. Everyone needs a hobby, I guess.

  2. Well, you know the old saying: "You can take the Koswhack out of the Pwog, but you can't make him think."

    Or something like that.

  3. Sirota is the mildly sympathetic, not too bright guy in the horror movie who gets gets eaten, slowly, by his zombie housemates. One can cheer the zombies in good conscience because it's clear that he had plenty of chances to get away, but decided the book deals were worth the risk. He takes phenobarb with one hand and types with the other as they gnaw their way through him, starting with the ankles. His heroic Stakhanovite moment comes when he gives some of the phenobarb to the zombies to slow them down a bit, while he finishes the last edits to his final exegesis.

  4. Looks like Sirota gets eaten by pwoggie zombies on a regular basis.