Monday, October 5, 2009

Darn Them All To Heck!

Chris Mo'Betta BowWow, who is such a DP lapdog that he regularly gets invited to yap on TV chat shows, is raising the standard of revolution!

"Incivility is not the source of our problems. However, thinking that our problems are caused by things like incivility is a major problem we face. If we keep suggesting fake, bullshit solutions to serious problems, then we will never get to the actual source of those serious problems and thus have no chance of solving them."

Really? Bullshit solutions. Hmmm. You mean like Cap and Trade? Public Options? COIN? In fact, just about every policy puppydog Chris' party has dumped on the people of the American Empire and it's victims all over the fucking world???

Fuck you, Chris. Seriously. Fuck you right in the ear, you shitty little fauxgressive fuck.

1 comment:

  1. [shrug] In my experience, if people in Blogland don't like your message, it doesn't really matter whether it's civil or not. If anything, incivility often gets more attention than civility, from the very people who keep carrying on about how we'd all better play nice now.

    The simple solution is to avoid people who can't argue honestly. I really don't enjoy struggling to not lose my temper ten times a day before the first pot of coffee's even made-- with no monetary compensation like you can at least look forward to in "customer service." Thus the obvious thing to do is skip out on the button-pushers and go play outside.

    Mom was right all along. Who knew? ;)