Thursday, October 22, 2009

Are you all done barking, little dog?

Mo'Betta Bowers (Actual Size)

Over at Obot Left, Mo'Betta BowWow all but admits he doesn't give a fart in a high wind what's actually in the 'public option' just so long as there's something he can call a 'public option' so he can go home and concentrate on Dancing With The Stars or whatever. But hey! I can't be bothered either, since:

1 - I'm enjoying a spiffy new flash game on ArmorGames called Clockwords - Prelude.


B - Emperor Obama already cut a deal, probably much like this one, with his health insurance industry buddies.

So, yeah, there's zero suspense here except for that generated by fauxgressive DP flacks for their droolcase demozombie followers. Pantomime activism is a pretty good way to keep the proles in line and get yourself invited to all the right cocktail parties, but it's not terribly exciting viewed from the outside.

Trust me, the flash game is far more interesting.

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