Friday, October 30, 2009

Pwogman! Strikes Again

(Thank Obama! It's Pwogman!)

In the tin-foil shiny constellation of Pwoggus Bloggus, no star burns dimmer than that Champion of Pwogwessivism, that hero to faint-hearted faux-liberals everwhere, Pwogman! And the latest addition to his cheerleading routine, issued from deep within his Fortress of Pwogitude, is a real doozy, kids. Whilst dribbling on Friedman-style about something of which he's completely ignorant, Honduras in this case, Pwogman! actually-and-for-true wrote:

"I can't think of another example, either, but that is mainly because this is the first time America has sided with democrats against its own ostensible business-interests."

Ladies and Germans, this is proof positive that Pwogman! truly is the superhero of the pwogwessive world. How do I know? Because the amount of sheer, unadulerated, 100% USDA inspected prime stupid used to construct a statement like that could only have been made by someone who could take ordinary stupid and crush it down to a pure, concentrated, heat-fused, essence of stupid with his bare hands. It's Super-Stupid!

Of course, anyone who has a couple of functioning braincells and the ability to read simple sentences knows about the God-Emperor's support for the Honduran coup regime, that regimes horrific slaughter of dissidents and the sham elections gearing up to lend a thin veneer of legitimacy to the coup. One only has to read Neil's column over at A Lovely Promise or Phoenix Woman's famous debunking of administration lies about the coup to get a fair idea of what's going on in Honduras.

So how could Pwogman! be so astonishingly, astronomically, and other words that begin with a-ingly wrong? Speculation abounds. My own theory is that the Fortress of Pwogitude is literally made of Super-Stupid, a stupid so dense that no truth can possibly penetrate. Thus, Pwogman's inner sanctum would be impervious to the obvious truth about his God-Emperor's support for the Honduran coup.


  1. I find your theory compelling. Pwogman! has achieved the Chandrasekhar limit of stupid.

  2. Once again I am forced to bow to your powers of analogy, Al. I can think of no more apt description of Pwogman! than 'a dense nucleus immersed in gas.'

  3. Damn both of you! I just choked on my Economy Size bag of Cheet-- er, I mean, on my bag of organically-grown vegan "cheez-flavored" raw kale-beansprout crisps!