Friday, October 30, 2009


(But you prooooooomised!)

Pwogwessive heads are popping like champagne corks all over the intarwebs upon the news that they might not get the crappy Public Option Brand toy they've been bugging daddy 'Bama for. Even worse, they've been bragging about it to their little friends, pets, passers-by and anyone who'll stand still long enough to listen to their shrill, whiny voices enumerate the wonders of daddy 'Bama and the super-duper Public Option toy they're gonna get.

Well, you can imagine the reaction.

You'll likely find no better example than, MoBetta BowWow, who even now is shrieking like a two-year old (Egotist! Traitor! Ignorant! Waaaaaaaah!) flailing his arms and threatening to drop the banhammer on anyone who even mentions that he's been taken with one of the oldest 'bait and switch' tricks in the book. Check out the comments section for some prime lip-frothing tantrums the likes of which hasn't been seen since Ralph Nader announced his 2004 run.


  1. Unfreakin believable. I followed your suggestion and read some of the comments at that link, and Bowers couldn't possibly be more full of shit if he changed his name to Bowels. The cognitive dissonance of trying to sing praises to His Holiness Saint Obushma with the Dem Party's collective schwantz in his mouth has finally oveloaded his circuit boards, causing catastrophic failure. I realize Obism is a serious mental illness, but come on, even the delusional have moments of clarity. People who think they're Napoleon occasionally have their doubts. But this guy's gullibility truly is superhuman in scale. Is he really this dense, or is he just a paid shill of those who imagine everyone else is?

  2. That's a good question. All we really know about Mo'Betta BowWow is he's been shilling for the DP for an agonizingly long time. Considering the tiny amount of access he's granted by his masters and betters, one has to either call into question his sense of proportion or wonder what he's getting under the table. That is, not to put too fine a point on it, is Mo'Betta just another cheap crumb-diving bootlick or is he more of a Medea Benjamin-style dynamiter of independent movements?

    Then again, he could be just a fucking jerk.

  3. If I were a Democratic high-roller and found out that was the best they could hire, I'd want my money back. :/

  4. I suspect that's why MoBetta is a lowly intarweb hack-wannabe instead of a beltway insider.

  5. See? And you doubted that the meritocracy worked!