Tuesday, June 30, 2009

D Al C Franken (D - AIPAC)

Progressive Hero Franken entertains the troops at Abu Ghraib

Pwoggie blogs across the intarwebs are celebrating today as the Minnesota Supreme Court has finally certified one of their fav-raves, Al From Franken as a corrupt party hack bookend to our state's other famously corrupt party hack, 5th district rep. Michele Bachman. That makes a filibuster-proof 60 seats for The Other Corporate Party! Hooray!

Of course, none of these fauxgressive know-nothings are mentioning Franken's DLC ties or pro Iraq War views (before deciding to run for office, of course). Hell, if you happened to be listening to Franken's now (thankfully) defunct Air America radio show back in '04, you would have been regaled (between skin-peelingly bad comedy skits) with Franken's tales of fellating former DNC chair Terry McAuliffe under the table at DC fundraisers.

But nevermind! Franken's whopping 41.9% progressive victory is being hailed as the most bestest awesomest victory in the history of history evar!!!1!!one!! A few samples from the comments:

Welcome to the Senate!
Senator Franken! It's long overdue.

Also, first!

by: Starving Student NYC @ Tue Jun 30, 2009 at 14:36

"Would it be a good strategy for Franken to rally a crowd outside the governor's mansion starting tomorrow morning demanding the certificate?"


"I want to mail Senator Franken my copy of Lies and The Truth, and have 'em autographed.

For my eventual grandkids in twenty-or-so years. :o)"


Of course, anyone who wants real change would rather jump out of the Overton Window than vote for a maleable corporate stooge like Franken. But, on the up-side, this gives our pwog pundit-wannabes a whole new politician with which to be deeply, deeply disappointed.

Also, first!

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