Monday, June 29, 2009

A Mighty Fortress is our Pwog

Shorter dday @ Diggly-Wiggly

Any time a minor media pundit like CiCi Connolly slaps us around, it means our grassroots progressive campaign for progressive change is on the edge of a massive progressive victory. Support your local democrats! Send your checks in today!

Later - Shorter Diggy:

Cici, leave my ex-boyfriend president vice president aloooooone!


  1. Silly pwogs. There's a reason the pundits are called "Heathers". CiCi is bored, maliciously stupid and spiteful. When the lesser Heathers are bored, they like picking on the slow kids. It's not as though the pwogs going to do anything about it, other than crank out hysterical reiterations of their commitment to progressive progress. It's a safe amusement for CiCi and who knows? Maybe a career advancing move too.

  2. Kind of the Lesser Heather equivalent of the "Sista Souljah Moment."

  3. Silly Schumann! Media reform isn't patriotic! Now put a nickel in the online blog drum like a good boy.

    -- ms_xeno