Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Big Dog Bill And The Pwoggie-Bloggie Brigade Do Lunch


Hey teen gang! I just got our marching orders from Big Dog (swoon!) You remember him, dontcha? He's the super-groovy president that drove a big spike through the Kyoto Treaty back in the '90s Clinton Era of Peace And Prosperity. Anyway, he said some nice things about health care and how we're supposed to pimp God-Emperor Obama's weak, sabotaged and all-but-useless Cap and Trade system because, gosh, the environment is just soooooo important and stuff. And then he shook my hand! I'll never wash this hand again! Eeeeeeeeee!

Well, sure, watching these demotards pretend to care about global warming is amusing. Especially when they're pimping corporate greenwash like Cap 'n Trade. But does anyone else feel kinda queasy when these pwoggies fellate their masters and betters in public like that? Get a room, guys!

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