Thursday, December 3, 2009

Empty Threat Wednesday

With the God-Emperor's announcement of more troops for the Afghanistan meatgrinder, there's many a twist in many pwoggie panties these days. Despite having abso-tootly-ootly zero credibility when it comes to challenging their democratic party masters, such stalwart pwogs as Diggly-Wiggly regular tristero and Newspwogger Ron Beasley are threatening to boycott their local warmongering representatives in the 2010 up-and-coming.

Of course, such threats aren't to be taken seriously. There's still about a year for them to come up with excuses (or just totally forget they ever made the threat) before the rubber hits the road. "Words Over Actions" is, as we all know, the unofficial motto of pwoggie bloggie "activism." Anyroad, that should be plenty of time for demotard asshats like Chris BowWow and Pwogman! to mollify the recalcitrant jellyfish with hopey-changey brand rationalization for getting out to the polls and sending Senator BloodnGuts (D-Military/Industrial Complex) back to ramp up another slaughter from the safety of their plush DC offices.

With pwoggie capitulation as a forgone conclusion, the only real suspense to be found in this turgid little Z-Grade flick is - what will be the absurd rationalizations that will bring our revolting pwogs back into line? Will it be the standard appeals to lesser-evilism and crackpot realism with a side of sneer? Or will our mealy mouthed pwoggie apologists get creative? Personally, I can't wait to find out. Really. Can't, uh, wait.


  1. The mental and rhetorical gymnastics that we'll see from the pwogosphere between now and the 2010 elections will be worthy of Nadia Comaneci's envy.

  2. DP apologists may be able to spin a "low intensity" conflict al la NATO/Kosovo. But I don't see what they can do that will be convincing, to those without a vested interest, in the long run if "getting the job done" means maintaining a significant troop presence. I.E., people who are principled but support the DP because they have illusions about the party, will be driven more and more to dissent and will this be separated much more overtly from the Chris Bowers-types.

  3. Digby & Co. remind of me kids confessing to petty theft in the hope it will make their denial of arson more plausible. Stupid little shits! At least hide the gas can.

  4. BowWow is, of course, just another aspirational dp flack-wannabe with an internet presence. That makes him and his little Townhouse frat buddies pretty predictable.

    Diggly, otoh, has her own patented rationalization for when the cognitive dissonance that goes with being a wackjob demotard becomes unsupportable. I like to call it The Digby Wail.

    It goes something like this. The God-Emperor will do something egregiously awful like bombing a village in Pakistan or something. Then Digby will write a despairing post and say something like: "I just don't understand whyyyyyy!"

    10/10 for originality, but -4,000,000,000 for good sense.

  5. This takes me back to the bygone days of one a'them other boards that's now pushing up daisies. The hue and cry over Dark Knight II: Electric Bobbalu, surpassed that in any other thread then extant. If memory serves.

    BTW, Smithee, were you the one who said it was total crap, because you were right.

  6. Big talk, little walk may be their MO, but when they do move, it's action without thought.

  7. Ah, the good old DP Hack Threatening To Stay Home On Election Day Trick. Huh, if only.

    Why does this put me in mind of '04, when it seemed that every goddamn' wussy-assed movie-star Liberal in Hollywood was threatening to move to Canada -- or even France -- if Bush was re-elected?

    Sadly, Alec Baldwin is still here.

  8. The pwoggie intartube intelligetsia will probably try to mollify their fans with lame promises to "primary" the offending poo-bahs. Of course, the 95% incumbant re-election rate makes that promise about as reliable as Alec Baldwin's.