Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blame Canada!

Obot Left's resident faux-green democrat Natasha Chart is having something of a pwoggie hissy fit. Now you it's a general rule of thumb with pwogwessives that words mean much much more than actions. You don't need actual sticks and stones to scare a pwoggie - names are more than enough. After all, that's the whole raison-d'stupid behind the switch from 'liberal' to 'progressive.'

This particular dust-up was between Chart and author/antiwar activist/Kerry supporter Naomi Klein. Now, being Canadian, Klein probably isn't completely aware of all the nuances of the jellyfish left's doormat strategy when it comes to what's laughingly called "the culture wars" here in the good 'ol Red White & Blue. It's pwoggie doctrine, when confronted by the right's media attack machine, to immediately fall down on the floor and beg not to be kicked. That's pretty much how "liberals" became "progressives."

So, yeah, words. And the word that got up Chart's nose is 'reparations.' In the context of climate change, "reparations" means, in short, that the biggest world polluters should pony up for all the crap they've been spewing into the atmosphere that's been fucking with the worlds climate. That's how Klein, and most of climate change activists, use it.

You can read the gory details of the Chart-Klein brouhaha here. But the thing is, to Nutroots Nation shill-wannabes like Chart, the word 'reparations' carries with it the stigma of African-American reparations. An entirely different context, sure - but one that gets the right wing attack machine frothing at the mouth at it's mere mention. And we wouldn't want that, would we?

Like her masters, Chart knows that pandering to the conservative's base is the name of this nasty little game. The underlying assumption (one that certainly isn't limited to merit class pwogs) is that the American people are too pig-fucking-ignorant to discern what 'reparations' means in the context of climate change as opposed to 'reparations' for slavery. These intellectual inferiors must be mushroomized by their betters for their own good.

Instead, the brilliant pwogwessive solution is to change the word to something else. Something more benign and friendly like "climate debt" or "historical pollution atonement" or some such shit. That'll make it easier for their God-Emperor to institute his 11th dimensional chess strategy and get the big polluters to cough up enough dough to avoid the worst of the drought sure to strike Africa and maybe keep a few hundred thousand Pacific islanders from losing everything they own.

A simple review of the Obama administration's actions at Copenhagen reveals just how much they care about the effects of our pollution on other countries. (To sum it up for you, the official position is, in technical language, "We Don't Give A Fuck.") But delusional pwogs like Chart have convinced themselves that God-Emperor Obama really really-and-for-truly secretly want to help, but he's prevented because he can't use the word 'reparations' in his world-healing speeches. And it's all because those dirty greenie hippies like Klein just don't understand!


  1. A pwoggie and a Canuck Trustafarian square off over how best to distract humanity from the Copenhagen Clusterfuck.

    Details at 12:01 AM on February 29.

  2. While we're rounding up the usual suspects, where the heck are the futurists? As the progressives' avant garde, you'd think they'd be center stage on the planetary prognosis. Perhaps, given their expertise in supplying superficial semantics, they're saving themselves for the 2012 shootout: Sara v Sarah.

  3. I don't usually answer my own questions, but in checking on the spelling of the other Sara, I found what she's http://www.grist.org/article/copenhagen-getting-past-the-urgency-trap been up to. Lo and behold, our favorite futurist doesn't just predict the future, but also rewrites the past. All in a swoop, Ms. Robinson asserts our carbon society has been cranking for 2,500 years and is thus the basis of all civilized humanity, which serves double duty in marginalizing indigenous peoples past and present. She then proceeds to reassure those of us not blessed with her exceptional foresight, that the magical process she has discovered is already on auto pilot thanks to her heroic efforts. Breathless buffoonery at its best.

  4. I felt embarrassed for her after reading that. Breathless buffoonery is right. When I read the comments, I felt embarrassed for Grist. What were they thinking when they accepted it? There's nothing to it but solipsism dressed up in sophomoric technocrat babble and cultural studies jargon.

  5. Lords and ladies, this isn't so much about Klein vs Chart, but it is some priceless Obama-fluffing --


  6. !!!

    Holy-Moses-Driving-A-Ford-Fiesta-Sideways! Where in the world do you find these loony-tunes, Mr. Oxtrot? And here I thought I'd read the worst of the Obot pwoggie blogs. I am boggled. Truly and thoroughly boggled. Wow.

  7. Mr Smithee, I picked it up as a radio signal on the fillings in my lower molars.

  8. Um, wait. Did Chart seriously say that outside the U.S., Klein et al wouldn't understand anything about reparations?

    I just used the trusty search engine to look up "German Reparations" and "Canadian native tribe reparations," and got plenty of links.

    Natasha Chart: American Idiot. Until now, I thought it was just a cheesy but oddly endearing pop song.

  9. Breathing their own exhaust, much like the tea baggers.

  10. What, you mean Naomi Klein, Seattle-vintage radical-freak antiglobalist, supported Kerry? P'ahh ha ha ha ha ha hahhhh. Honestly, I had no idea. Heh. I guess you learn something new every day.

    But, anyway, yeah; the Brad Blog post. I read as much as I could before I was forced to click away to avoid vomiting. As is it, Oxtrot, you owe me a new keyboard. The shameless Presidential blow-job-giving on a par with Monica Lewinsky, combined with a site design resembling a rightist's tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy site (oh, look, he's been on Fox News! K3wl!), caused a volume of coffee spewage heretofore unseen in the history of any keyboard I've ever owned. I mean, seriously, man; I mean, like... Jesus. H. Bicycle-Riding. Motherfucking. CHRIST.

    Oh, and that crack about the "lack of faith on the Left" is just fuckin' priceless. So, we lack faith, Mr. Guest Presidential Blow-Job Giver? Jeez, dude, I wonder why that is? Christalfuckingmighty, what a world-class tool this Schaeffer guy is. He's even worse than Rachel Maddow. (Oh yeah, and did I mention? It's now official: I hate Rachel Maddow. I've been increasingly annoyed with her lately, but her mindless support for the creaky, overloaded, rusted-out, broken-down pickup truck of a bill known as "health reform" expressed on her program last night pretty much iced it for me.)

    But, aaa-aaaanyway... I actually enjoy reading some of these lame-assed Donkeycratic tool blogs once in a while -- in very limited doses, of course -- for the sheer cheap laffs value, and this Frank Schaeffer guy posting on Brad Blog has got to be an all-time classic. I've always gotten a good hoot out of listening to the Teabaggers calling me a Communist and a Stalinist and the like, but these Donkeycratic partisans' weak-assed attempts to insult the Left peg my CheapLaffs-O-Meter so hard that it invariably sets off the Keyboard Alert (if you know what I mean).

    I've also always enjoyed how the Donkeycratic partisan bloggers' rhetoric -- United We Stand, Support The Troops, Support The President, If You Don't Support Us You're A Terrorist/Teabagger/Etc. -- almost exactly mirrors all the Bushite hyperbole, only coming from the Center (I say "center" in order to avoid insulting any real leftists here).

    I think these people are doing worse than just breathing their own exhaust; they sound like they've been huffing spray paint.

  11. Mike, in the spirit of sAin't Knick, I hereby give you this fine new keyboard: