Monday, December 7, 2009

Health Insurance Hissy Fits.

It seems the latest news of the health insurance disaster worming it's way through Congress hasn't fully sunk in to the febrile brains of our elite pwoggie-bloggies quite yet. The crew at Diggly Wiggly, fer instance, appears oblivious (or perhaps just stunned) while Chris BowWow is busy throwing an epic tantrum because some injudicious knave had the temerity to point out that the Obot Left crew are a bunch of ineffectual, pandering little toady-wannabes. Maybe he should build himself a Fortress of Pwogitude like Pwogman!

But a couple of the pwoggie blogs have noticed this new wart on the ugly face of Obama's health insurance give away. Big 'Tard Democrat, a truly heroic know-nothing of the new left, has his usual weasel-word post up on the matter, though it seems less enthusiastic than his usual mindless cheerleading. Is The Big 'Tard losing his taste for Obot Brand Kool-Aid?

Shakey included a link to the story in a "healthcare" roundup posted below her smirking mug, but since the post doesn't contain cat pictures or obscure '80s nostalgia, few Shake-A-Puddin' cultists have noticed. Having her posts draw so few adoring responses is sure to bruise our Bloggin' Queen's delicate sensibilites and an "I Get Letters" style post demanding sympathy and validation is sure to follow. Get with it, Shakies!

(Update: Every pwogs fave-rave sellout BowWow weighs in with one of those faux-gritty not-really-telling-it-like-it-is posts he specializes in. Ya know, as often as he gets kicked by his DP masters, BowWow always returns to beg for those crumbs of recognition and access that keep his little pwoggie blog afloat. Isn't that marvelous?)

(Update: Is is possible that cognitive dissonance has driven BowWow bipolar? First he's throwing a passive-aggressive style tantrum, then he's all happy-dippy-dappy. Has trying to put a happy face on his democrat master's fuckery finally driven BowWow over the brink? Stay tuned!)


  1. Psst. Your Chris Bow-Wow link is the same as the Raw Story link.

    Blogging when you should be sleeping? (;^>

  2. Bow-Wow's P/A tantrum post is funny. He thinks politics is about sales kits, workshops on "organizing... the Bowers way", and his "fame" or "success" is measured in people commenting at his BWOG. It's ludicrous... can he possibly be serious? It's just about mechanical motions, not serious concerns, lost rights, cramped freedoms, tax dollars stolen?

    Bow-Wow WOW!

  3. Hoh-lee SCHITT, here's more Bow-Wow WOW! --

    "With a very weak climate bill delayed at least until the Spring in the Senate, the EPA is just going to move forward and regulate carbon on its own.

    Some will argue that legislation would be preferable to EPA regulation because that regulation would just stop the next time a Republican administration is in the White House. I would counter that pretending we are going to pass legislation that only kicks in 20+ years from now is equally foolish. Just as different White Houses can change regulatory policies, different Congresses can change the law.

    What an eedjit. He thinks that the problem is "Republican deregulation" while Obama shows us (as Clinton showed us) that the "regulation" under Democrats will be conducted by the regulated, which amounts to practical deregulation with the greater flaw of having the appearance of regulation.

    But Bow-Wow won't let that reality blind him to the fantasy of Donkey GOOD, Elephant REALLY VERY SUPER DUPER BAD.

  4. The dear old climate. What a pity Bowers et al have no real use for it. I would worry a lot, but thanks to the science of certified futurism, we know that urgency on the issue is a form of self-defeating pathology.

    There's a perfect logic to it; by defeating overhaul and regulation now, they've secured a future in which it can defeated again and again.

  5. I don't think there's enough lolcats and nostalgia in the world to sooth Shakey's bloated ego. But I'll make odds that the Shakeycult will be the world's first internet suicide cult.

  6. Oops! Thanks, Mike.

    Yes, BowWow's organizational methods are strictly of the do-nothing intarweb sort. The average pwog is under the impression that donating $50 to ActBlue and leaving a message on their local republicrat's answering machine is the acme of political activism.

    Thanks for the link, Al. Wasn't is nice of the Orincus crew to take valuable time off from playing 'Lookit the Wingnut' games to school us all in pwoggie do-nothing incrapmentalism? If they keep that up, I'll have to add them to the PwoggieBloggie list.

  7. Damn, that BowWow list of What To Do To Start A Netroots -- or, should I say NetWoots -- organization is a real classic. What really gets me is how the whole thing is focused on finding politicians who'll do what you want them to do, and making sure they do it once they're "elected". BowWow seems to be totally locked into what seems to me to be the Donkeycrats' idea of what the job of a citizen is in a functioning democratic society: vote for us, then go home, sit down, shut up, watch TV. BowWow, like most of your standard-issue Liberal types, is all about working your ass off just so you can surrender your power to politicians.

    It's as if BowWow is totally ignorant of history. From what I can tell, there hasn't been a single movement for social/political change in this country that hasn't had to accomplish its goals in spite of politicians, not because of them. We only got labor laws, environmental regs, black voting rights, and an end to the war in Vietnam because people worked outside the system of establishment political machinations, and had to drag the politicians kicking and screaming into doing what needed to be done -- and even then, they'd always manage to fuck it up somehow.

    Politicians didn't give us labor laws, people like Eugene Debs did.

    Politicians didn't give black people voting rights, people like Medgar Evers and Martin Luther King did.

    Politicians didn't give us environmental protection laws and regs, people like Rachel Carson did.

    Politicians didn't end the Vietnam War, the Weathermen and Viet Cong did.

    Everything I saw in BowWow's big Netwoots action plan involved sinking time and energy into getting politicians elected to office. What a waste.

    BowWow reminds me of this one civics/government teacher I had in high school, in the early '70s; a freshly-minted college liberal feminist, she'd take every opportunity to lecture us crazy young longhairs on how to "work within the system to bring about change". Jeezus, what a goddamn' tool she was -- and so is this BowWow jerk. The only difference was that my sophomore-year civics teacher was hot.

  8. "But I'll make odds that the Shakeycult will be the world's first internet suicide cult." Hmmm, mass smarmacide, with McEwan taking the first swig of Kool-Aid with that smarmy, pig-like look on her mug. I would pay to see that.

    Perhaps we could encourage them to blow themselves up at GOP HQ instead. That will eliminate at least half our problems right there.