Monday, November 16, 2009

Pwog Bites Man!

Chris BowWow, the noisy pwogwessive poodle of the demotard party, is yapping his fuzzy little face off at the those few democratic representatives who would dare deny him his public option chew toy. Amongst those threatened with immediate replacement is Dennis Kucinich (D-Hobbiton), perhaps one of the few d-side representatives actually worthy of support:

"Off-hand, the easiest eight might be Kaptur (Progressive), Murtha (leadership), Boyd (primary challenge), Kissell (threats from donors, doesn't raise money well), Kucinich (Progressive, often faces primary challenges), Massa (Progressive), Murphy (never actually had to win a primary, still might face one) and someone."

Displaying enough gall to divide into three parts, this lackwit of the fauxgressive left states, right after his little hissy-fit hit list, that he himself is not in favor of launching mighty mighty pwogwessive primary campaigns against Kuchinich, et al. Surely not! Oh heavens, no! (But, of course, he couldn't stop anyone from doing so.)

Never mind the public option chew toy is a foul-tasting scrap of Congressional snausage. Nevermind that lameass pwoggie primaries invariably turn to shit. (Who was it that ran against Holy Joe Lieberman? Anybody?) What's really interesting is, because he's occasionally invited to some low-level DP soirees, (thanks to his astonishing ability to raise small amounts of dough from rubes on teh intartubes), BowWow is starting to believe his own press Michael Cimino-style.

And that's the point where his mental illness is our gain. It's one thing to maintain the illusion of clout, but trying to wield it is when the hilarity truly starts.


  1. Displaying enough gall to divide into three parts

    A lovely turn of phrase, Smithee.

  2. Nothing like a Charlemagne reference to class up a hastily written blog post.