Friday, November 20, 2009

Afghanistan Bananastand

Koswhack Big Turd Demotard recently got a crumb from his DP masters in the form of a conference call with Snarlin' Arlen Specter (R/D/Weves - PA) and was dazzled by the veteran scumbag's double-shuffle on Afghanistan.

Senator Specter's position is that he opposes troop increases in Afghanistan and even questions maintaining troops in Afghanistan unless the effort is "indispensable" to the conflict with al Qaida.

Golly! In demotard circles, that almost makes Senator Sphincter a dirty hippie peacenik. Of course, just a cursory inspection of Specter's actual voting record reveals his real chickenhawk feathers. Specter never met a bloody-handed slaughter he didn't like. But real actions made by real people in the real world are generally dismissed by fauxgressive warhumping fucktards like BTD as "cherry picking." With pwoggies, actions mean nothing. Words are everything.


  1. I really despise the cutesy qualifiers, and I would hope for the sake of his family and friends that he doesn't make all his other decisions based on the same kind of pitch.

    Translated into english, Specter wants to deliver an enduring and especially vicious form of collective punishment, but wants to be frugal about it and wants to make sure the justification for it is plausible. Otherwise, he'll have to settle for the status quo, which he accepts based on his previous record of approving an enduring and especially vicious form of collective punishment.

  2. Arlen Specter is a lying piece of shit whose whole career is built on lying to protect in-situ power. Pwog-weasel demotards have a bizarre form of love-hate worship of Specter, they hate that he helped Bush/Cheney, they love that he's sometimes seen as an authoritative master of proceedings (a/k/a legal circuses) who tepidly and half-arsedly "questions" various imperial acts.

    He's like Harry Reid without the LDS taint and with more education.