Friday, September 4, 2009

You're dead to me.

A grave threat against President Obama has arisen that may threaten the progressive revolution and the very foundations upon which this nation is built. World stability itself may hang in the balance. Fortunately there are a few progressive bloggers fighting hard to safe guard Our Leader, Our Nation and Our Progressive People Powered People. What is that threat? Its...

Behold! The Obot mortal enemy!

Yes! Those dastardly Gayz are out to sabotage God-Emperor Obama's 41 dimensional chess strategy by insisting he live up to his campaign promises! Why can't the gAyTM just shut up and keep dispensing cash and votes like good little pwoggie bloggie doggie democrats? Adam "Buy My Book" Bink at Obot Left explains how the march is sure to be a big ol' failure because, well, he and the Nutroots Nation crowd don't approve. And he's not going! So there!

(Update: Check out BMB Bink try to marginalize Cleve Jones as a "Random Gay Activist" on this Bilerico thread. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, Adam.)

(Update On Mo' Time!: Having moved along the Five Phases of Pwoggie Grief from 'Sneering' to 'Petulance,' BMB Bink throws what we hope will be his last bloggie tantrum on the matter. Stay classy, Adam!)


  1. Better yet, watch the Cleve Jones interviews on the Equality Across America website by clicking on the poster in your post. Cleve is the most inspiring activist I've heard since seeing the movie Milk last December.

  2. It's touching how little interest they express in the actual reasons why people might be angry at President Hope. I like the openness about how substance doesn't really mean shit at the end of the day when you've got a Pwog Blog to run. It's all just spin and spin again. Yee haw.

  3. Is it true the liberal theme song is Forever Dumb?

  4. Well, where the liberal elite are concerned, it's "Don't Stand So Close To Me" when it comes to Teh Gays.

  5. There are a couple of versions of the Lump of Opposition and Lump of Activism fallacies in the thread too; e.g. an effort to decommission the gAyTM necessarily draws resources from the fight for LGBT rights, and necessarily alienates allies/friends/sympathizers who might otherwise support LGBT rights.

    Parenthetically, both lumps are wingnut propaganda scare tactics, used by the wingnuts to keep dissenters in line. Spartacus has written extensively on the architecture of stifling dissent.

    The lumps are complete nonsense, of course. There's nothing to lose from a principled stand, in itself, and much to be gained from keeping the faith. It's indispensable if you're engaged for the long haul.

  6. Jones' speech at the Salt Lake City gay pride clears up the nonsense. Gays and civil rights enthusiasts were fired up by the movie Milk, and energized by the battle against bigotry in the form of LDS-sponsored California Prop 8.

    As Cleve elucidates in the interviews, when the movement is fired up, you mobilize. This time, for full equality under all civil laws in all 50 states.

    And there's only one place you can do that. It's called the National Mall.