Monday, September 28, 2009

Back in the Saddle Agin...

(Video courtesy of MediaGhost)

That the small group of bloggers we mock here at DFH are a feckless bunch of couch-wanking turds whose only interest is to see their "team" win "the big game" (like politics is a fucking college football game) is pretty much self evident. But, really, you don't particularly need me to show you this bunch of self-congratulating circle-jerkers are the ass-end of the demotard party.

Keeping that in mind, lets see what our klubhouse kids reported about the G-20 protests in Pittsburgh last week. You may have heard about them. They're the ones where protesters and students were gassed, clubbed, shot with rubber bullets and disappeared for the dastardly crime of marching without a permit.

Alas, a Pwog - Nothing

Balk the Left - Zip

Diggly - A single article on the use of the LRAD and that's only so she could make a shitty pun.

Gesundheit - Nada.

NewsPwogs - Wins the Douchebags of the Year Award for actually criticizing the protesters being gassed, bludgeoned, shot, etc. Fuck these guys sideways. Srsly.

Obot Left - A single article written only so they could link to Diggly's shitty pun.

Pandadroppings - Nothing.

Pwogman - Zero.

Shake-A-Puddin - Nil.

Grampa - Whut? Wuzzat? {Snore}

Lamey - Fuckity Fuckity GlenBeckFuck! Listen to me on Stephanie Miller!

Why do these Imperial crimes go unreported on the pwoggie blogs? Sure, they're democrats, so they're by definition good citizens of the Empire. But is that really the reason? I'm not sure.

Maybe it's because nothing ever really touches this mealy-mouthed soft-fingered cringing bunch of suburban mandarins. They don't give a shit about health care reform because if they did they'd be fighting tooth-and-nail for single payer. No, the only reason the care at all is because they were promised a "public option"- an all-but-useless agglomeration of half-reforms and band-aids. Now that it looks like they might not get even that, they're kicking and screaming and pitching a tantrum like toddlers who've had their collective lollypop yanked away.

In the end, well, look at it this way - the Empire had to deploy 4000+ cops to deter the Sept 24th protesters. How many riot cops do you think they'd need to deter the mighty forces of the intarweb pwogwessives. (Hint: you can deduce the answer by examining the above list.)


  1. According to an eyewitness report in the comments of this post, the big protest anticipated by police never materialized. Pumped up with visions of WTO 1999, though, the police force was augmented by cops from Chicago and Miami, as well as National Guard. Given that predisposed mental state, it was not surprising that some cops misbehaved by looking for trouble where there wasn’t any, and then overreacted to low key demonstrations of disgust at their misbehavior.

  2. Oh, I dunno. The Bagdad-style snatch-and-grab was kind of a novelty. Never saw that one done before. Maybe I'm a noob, though. I've never seen anyone disappeared before.

  3. Wow, you weren't exaggerating about that Newshoggers entry.

  4. Yeah, I rarely have to exaggerate much.

  5. Well, it's kind of similar to what I pointed out to a few people when all the Righties started showing up for town meetings: The amount of carrying on and wailing, comparable to the coverage in Blogland when it was Lefties getting arrested on Capitol Hill at those bogus "symposiums" or whatever the fuck they were... well. Obviously the Valuable Lesson we are meant to learn is that Greens and other Lefties need to slobber more, let fly with more racist slurs, and pack more heat. Then maybe Blogland would start giving a shit about what they do.

    It's true that to some extent, this is just Blogland aping how big-time media thinks (or doesn't think). But I can't be the only who recalls that Blogland sells itself on being an alternative to big-time media. Does it even notice just how often it's no more "alternative" than a bag of generic white bread?

    Strolling all over Blogland has truly been a valuable learning experience, but somehow I don't think I've learned what they intended me to learn.

    -- ms_xeno

  6. While most of Blogland consists of the vacuous rambling of shut-ins, at least they don't base their content on actual deception. The pwoggie and freeper blogs, OTOH, being desperate social-climbing pundit-wannabes, are merely the echo chamber for their party's more successful mainstream pundits.

    As far as reporting actions like Pittsburgh, I'm not holding my breath. Anything happening outside of the the comfy cosey confines of the duopoly is verboten on the pwoggie blogs. They wouldn't want to disturb their reader's beautiful minds...

  7. The Democratic Party's little Deciders and their blogging little helpers like them some anti-Republican Party protests, provided the progressive pecksniff proprieties are observed. The protests should be staged in a way that won't alienate the swing vote and, ideally, they'll target personalities rather than issues. Not that issues are out of bounds, of course. Democrats believe in the power of ideas. They themselves are filled to the brim with ideas, all smacking into each other like bumper cars. They have so many ideas and the bumper car action is so fierce that ideation leaks from every orifice.

    Sometimes people mock them for confusing ideas with marketing, but put them under an MRI and any progressive can prove that there's activity related to brain function going on. Ideas live in brains! It's measurable! There are metrics! Therefore, there are ideas.

    It can be vexing to explain the problem to them; their intellectual life consists of equating busyness in pursuit of propriety to purpose in pursuit of principles.