Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bestest Pwesident Evar.

A round up of pwoggie bloggie reactions to God-Emperor Obama's latest speech on health care insurance dereform, brought to you as a public service by DGH. No, don't thank me. Just doin' my job:

Alas, A Pwog - "Um, no comment."

Balk the Left - "Our Pwogwessive Bwock will make daddy give us our crappy plastic toy!"

Diggly Wiggly - "Hearken to the words with which God-Emperor Obama commandeth thee!"

Gesundheit - "DRINK! DRINK DRINK! (first!)"

NewsPwoggers - "I never expected anything from the guy I voted into office so I wasn't disappointed. It's true! I wasn't! Plus, that absolves me of all responsibility. Plus, society is to blame."

Obot Left - "This is a massive victory for our Pwogwessive Cause of Hope for Change and totally justifies our unconditional worship of God-Emperor Obama. Bow down! Bow down!"

Pandadroppings - "{Gasp!} Some pissant representative heckled Our President! Oooh! I feel faint..."

Pwogman! - "Obama's made a brilliant castling move in his 11th dimensional chess match! But how will it affect Our Party in 2010?"

Shake-A-Puddin - "Obama's speech sucked. Health care is a right, not a privilege." (Hey! Shakey got something right! Pardon me while I scoop my jaw off the floor.)

Grampa - "Whut? Who? You kids git offa mah lawn!"

Lamey - "Motherfucking cockmongering motherfuckers! Buy my CD!"


  1. Pandagon's Twitter petition to demand Joe Wilson apologize is simultaneously the greatest and the worst thing the progressive blogosphere has ever done.

    I need a drink.

  2. I honestly don't know what I'd do without Pandagon. Comedy has never been this easy.