Friday, September 18, 2009

Get The Fuck Over It!

There's nothing more exasperating than a pwogwessive with hurt feelings. Witness the constant, unending whining of BMB Bink, a regular at Obot Left, whose concern trolling over the National Equality March would make a saint want to slap Adam's pissy little face with a cestus.

His continued jihad against Cleve Jones (a "Random Gay Activist" apparently) and really anyone not under the thumb of his little cadre of elite DNC gays, has become more teeth-grindingly annoying than a roomful of Andy Dick clones. Go read Adam's passive-aggressive masterwhine if you dare. I can't bring myself to even quote that piece of shit.

(Update: On the other hand, let's go with Adam's oh-so-strategic plan and wait for our masters and betters to throw us a dime from their limo. With friends like this, I'm sure it'll only take thirty or forty years.)

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