Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Clean Coal Roundup

If you read the pwog blogs as religiously as I do (and why wouldn't you?) you've no doubt heard about God-Emperor Obama's plan to shovel pallet-loads of cash into "clean coal technology." What, you haven't? Sure you have! Here's everything our brave truth-to-power telling moo-pwogs have to say about their God-Emperor's latest environmental atrocity...

Alas, A Pwog - "OMG repubthugrapelican Gov Tim Pawlenty wants to kill us all!!!!1!!eleventyone!!1!"

Balk the Left - "Aha! Proof! We're smart because we vote for democrats and they're dumb because they don't. Yep. Smart smart smart."

Diggly-Wiggly - "OMG repubthugrapelican Gov Tim Pawlenty Rep Ron Paul wants to kill us all!!!!1!!eleventyone!!1!"

Extreeeeeem! - "Did you know that I masturbate while mutiliating pictures of obese rightwing radio pundits? I do."

Gesundheit - "Um, I forgot to read the listserv so, um...first!"

NewsPwogs - "OMG racist repubthugrapelicans want to kill us all!!!!1!!eleventyone!!1!"

Obot Left - "OMG racist repubthugrapelicans want to kill us all!!!!1!!eleventyone!!1! (Part 5,927)"

Pwogman! - "Look! 67th dimensional chess!"

Shakes the Democrat - "It's cult member whats-'er-name's birthday. Don't forget to worship me in the comments, peons!"

Grampa - "But...but...I didn't vote for this. I thought we wuz gonna get a pony or somthin...zzzzzzzz."

Lamey - "Our fucking hero anally raped our enemy on tv and fucking fuckity fuck fuck buy my CD!"


  1. repubthugrapelican.


  2. Be fair to Digby in this case. She's correct that Ron Paul's snogging of "free market" values is absurd. She also manages to mention Chomsky without spitting or misclassifying him as a "liberal."

    It would have been fun to see a talking-heads show with the first poster there pointing out the obvious: the insured are paying a shitload of money for less than nothing. I know this, and so does anyone else who takes the time to compare what they pay out in taxes to what they pay out for shitty-assed "coverage."

    Then again, we already know that Digby's precious Obama has no more interest in rectifying this sorry situation than Paul does, so I suppose that it doesn't really matter.

  3. I'm all for being fair to Digby, Ms X.

    Okay, that was a lie. I'm going to be as fair to Diggly-Wiggly as she's ever been to me. In other words, not-at-fucking-all.

    Diggly's masters and betters haven't been giving her much to work with lately. As a result, she has to rely more and more on playing "Lookit the Wingnut!" and other red-meat-to-the-dopes distractions to keep her vapid cheer squad of bobbleheaded meritoids in line. She gets her orders from the boy's club Townhouse listserv and faithfully performs bullshit hatchet jobs like the spineless powggie poodle princess she is.

    But, on the other hand, she has a tremendous singing voice...

  4. Sadly, after spending an afternoon or two on some of the local "liberal" LJs or [shudder] Blue Oregon, you'd be amazed at what starts to look almost-tolerable.

    Or maybe I'm just more charitable at heart towards those that I don't have to share a state with. [shrug]

    Welcome to my Magic Kingdom of Lowered Expectations, Smithee. :/

  5. re: Balk The Left quote:
    Why am I somehow reminded of an old Homer Simpson gag:

    I am so SMART! S-M-R-T!

  6. @ ms. xeno:

    Yeah, it is pretty goddamn' sad, isn't it? Rachel Maddow -- you know, the smart talking head (or should I say "chirping head") -- is still tub-thumping for public option... you know, the throwing of a bone -- a teeny-assed, already-picked-bare chicken-wing bone of the measly, paltry type served in baskets in bars, to guys drinking beer and watching a ball game -- to all the people out there who desperately need -- and have been yelling for -- single-payer.

    As much as I detest the GOP, one of their guys pretty much nailed it on the big "Healthcare Summit II"; I caught about fifteen seconds of him on Maddow (I think it was) saying that the Democrats spelled "summit" S-E-T-U-P. D'ohhhh!