Monday, February 1, 2010

Ride 'em in, pwoghide!

Alas, A Pwog - "Dude! There's, like this tv show that I'm, like, totes into. Lets discus it in, like nauseating detail."

Balk the Left - "What this party needs is for more republicans to join up!"

Diggly-Wiggly - "The other team is doing populism better than we are! My boyfriend had better phony up some electoral reform bullshit now if he wants to save the big game!"

Extreeeeeeem! - "This post reveals the real motives of the folks at the Firedoglake, to damage the president as much as they can to prove that Hillary really should have been president, the votes of the people be damned." (Actual quote! I didn't make this up. Fuck, I dare anyone to try.)

Gesundheit - "Why can't we learn to lie better?"

NewsPwoggers - "Lookit the new pony daddybama will give us if we vote for him again! It's even prettier than the public option pony!"

Obot Left - "Their lies aren't as good as our damned lies - and I've got the statistics to prove it."

Pwogman! - "Why can't we have show trials for war criminals like they do across the pond? Whyyyyy?"

Shakes the Democrat - "The God-Emperor's budget is teh axesum! Validate my shallow analysis, peons!"

Grampa - "Darn kids today with their funny music zzzzzzzzz..."

Lamey - {furious masterbation}

The Panderdome - "Lookit the wingnut!"


  1. Dollhouse is loved by dimwit pwogs because it pits evil corporations (Rethuglicans) against beautiful supermodel innocents (Pwogs) who have been "forced to do bad things" by the evil corporations (Rethuglicans).

    It explains Obama for Pwogs.

  2. No flag is big enough...
    to stifle my laughter as I read the TalkLeft post.

    (Sorry, Howard.)

  3. Oxtrot's analysis makes me almost want to watch the show. But I probably won't, as I barely have time/resources enough for the sort of trash I already enjoy consuming. :D