Friday, February 5, 2010

The Chores!

(Arianna Huffington. Maybe.)
This is a real actual quote. Srsly.

"When are the democrats and real progressives going to call out the Arianna Huffington’s, the Jane Hamsher’s and the Cenk Uygur’s on their undermining of progressive causes? When are we going to stop playing footsie with those who want to bring down our democratic president who is fighting against the new 41 seat majority of Republicans? When are we going to take a look at these folks as the turncoats that they are? I’m going to keep hammering them."
~Extreeeeeeeme Obot.
Oh noes! Don't hurt 'em, Hammer!

Look, I know Extreeeeeme's blind spot is wider than six counties and he's dumber than a bag of hammers. But, really, Arianna Fucking Huffington barely qualifies for the flyweight division of political commentary. Nobody in the DNC gives a ripe fart what she thinks so long as she brings in the cash. Could Extreeeeme have found a less substantial target upon which to vent his Emperor-worshiping spleen?


  1. Huffington and Hamsher are inveterate promoters of establishment pwoggie dembotcracy. Have they suddenly transformed into bomb-throwing anarchist leftie radicals by tossing a few fluffy bunny puffballs of righteous rage at Obama? How dare they! That screed is so wrong on so many levels it would take a week to pursue them all.

    Our friend could use some help with his math, as well. Looks to me like the Republicans have a 100 seat majority. 101 with Biden.

  2. Is it just me, or does that sound like a pro-Bush rant from five or six years ago -- complete with fuming, raving and drooling about "America haters" and people trying to "bring down Our President"?

    I used to think Arianna Huffington was just OK, and gave her a bit of grudging credit for throwing off that phony Ken Doll Republican husband of hers, but I'd been thinking less and less of her until the point where she starting doing shit like recommending colonic cleansing for swine flu, and that pretty much did it for me.

    That excerpt sounds frighteningly like the howling I heard from my wife on the morning of Election Day '04; upon openly reaffirming my support for Ralph Nader and announcing that I'd told all my friends to vote against the Donkeycrats and to not let themselves be guilt-tripped, the DW let loose a streak of invective including accusations that I was a "subversive", which I took as a compliment.

    I suppose I should be indignant at Extreme Obot's ranting, but I can't stop laughing.

  3. I like to think of Extreeeeme as Chris Bower's id unleashed.

  4. Exactly, Mike. The difference between pwogs and freepers is waffer thin, right down to their rantings. Change 'D' to 'R' and Extreeeeme would be right at home on any lip-frothing conservatard blog.

  5. Just a followup, gang... I went over to Extreeeeeeeme Obot and read the entire article. Man, oh, man, what a steaming heap. The comments are really rich, too. I couldn't help but post my own -- as long as I had an opportunity to poke some of these doorknobs with a stick. Here's the reply I just posted:


    Uhhmmm... I hate to break this to you, but all the REAL progressives weren't tripping their asses off so badly on Barack Obama's Kool-Aid that they dropped everything to help elect a lightweight Clintonoid corporate centrist to the White House.

    All the REAL progressives were not engaging in blind, mindless idol worship of a candidate who pledged continued support of Israeli genocide in Gaza (remember his AIPAC speech?) and an escalation of the US war in Afghanistan.

    All the REAL progressives who bothered to vote in '08 voted their consciences by either voting for Ralph Nader or staying home, and not allowing themselves to be motivated by fear and desperation, and allowing themselves to be played for suckers by the first slick-talking huckster they see who knows how to speak in complete sentences and knows how to pronounce the word "nuclear".

    All the REAL progressives are living their lives wide awake with their eyes wide open, and are fed up with being punked by the Democratic Party.

    See also:

  6. Actually, now that I think about it... it's starting to snow steadily and heavily here in DC, and I could really stand to get a little hammered, here, myself.

  7. Jayne Hamster is important as hell.

  8. I dunno' if I'm a REAL progressive. I don't even care anymore if I am, but I voted McKinney last time out.

    Also, this thread is so much more entertaining than whatever it was that movie thread was about.

  9. So did I, ms_xeno, if for no other reason than to give fits to the well-to-do white pwoggie gatekeepers in the Green Party.

    My favorite bits from the above:
    In politics and running for office, one cannot stop other groups or organizations from expressing support or opposition to your candidacy or cause. In this Republic where free speech is enshrined as our first freedom in the Bill of Rights, people and groups have a right to say what they think and believe. However, one also has the right to choose with whom one decides to associate.

    The Cynthia McKinney campaign cannot stop the Workers International League from endorsing her ... but McKinney has decided to embrace that recommendation and publish it on her website. This is also true of the Workers World Party.

    I just love the smell of the 5th grade social studies reader in that quote. It's pompous, didactic, and filled to the brim with unnecessary terminology: "first freedom", "Bill of Rights", "free speech", "Republic".

    Capping it off with "the Reds are coming!" is icing on the cake.

    I believe that there are indeed politically and socially disaffected and alienated Americans who should be reached out to and encouraged to participate in our democratic process -- the two afore mentioned groups, however, are not part of the 'oppressed' or 'forgotten'.

    I'm sure that will come as a great relief to those two "afore mentioned" groups that you've looked into it and have determined that they really have no reason to be pissed off at all. Who knows who they might vote for, if they didn't realize that?

    My goal has always been that the Green Party could become in time a major principled, progressive mainstream political party in the United States of America. The commitment of Greens to a more inclusive democracy, to a broader, pluralistic Republic, to politics free from the taint of big special interest money makes the Green Party uniquely different from the Democrats. The Green Party's commitment to non-violence and rejection of militarism and nationalism as an organizing principle for the country makes us radically preferable to the Republicans.

    In other words, "It's always been my political dream to carry water for the Democrats."

    Note that he doesn't say that the Greens are "radically preferable" to the Democrats. He just says that they're "uniquely different", but that difference apparently isn't reason enough to stop voting for Democrats.

    Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente, however, appear to be moving the Green Party I believe in, in a very different direction. To put in glibly, but honestly -- I don't know what a 'hip hop' political party is.

    Speaks for itself.

    Furthermore, even passing references to violent revolution are anathema to me. This is NOT Green, it is uncivil....

    Oh, dear me! Anything but incivility. I'll send this black bloc home, because we certainly can't countenance anything but the most civil disagreements with the forces of capitalism and empire. Would you care for another scone?

    Perhaps I've just been out of mainstream politics too long, ever since I abandoned my youthful moderate conservatism around 16-17, but I cannot see how a body with 100 seats can have a 41-seat majority.

    The pwoggie bloggies like to ignore the fact that their precious "minority status" could be reversed tomorrow morning by invoking a point of order. It is within the power of the majority party to eliminate the cloture rule so that a simple majority is all that's needed for a bill to pass to a vote. However, the pwoggies are sore afraid of this possibility because of the need to preserve progressive institutions like the filibuster.

  10. Cynthia McKinney got my support, as did Mike Gravel. McKinney was a perfect candidate because she let the Liberal White Guilt pwoggies support not only a Black candidate, but a Black woman candidate, who represented their stated views **better than** Obama ever would.

    The fact that McKinney got so widely ignored is a testament to 2 things:

    1) "news" media reporting disparaging lies about McKinney

    2) pwogs don't really believe in the "progressive" rhetorical goals they say they pursue... they offer that rhetoric just to sound humane, while essentially being greedy corporatists. the posters that had bombs and bullets with smiley faces, they perfectly describe the pwog mindset.

  11. Bwa! Chandler's a leftover from the Benjamin/Cobb 04 coup. Somehow he missed the post-coup foundation sponsored gravy train and he's been scrabbling around his democrat masters for another ticket ever since.

  12. Sorry, Smithee, but I'm a bit rusty on my stupdity measurement-unit conversion.

    Is a bag of hammers more or less than a box of rocks?