Thursday, December 16, 2010

I kan haz reeding comprehenshun?

Courtesy of Google's new "reading level" search app, we at DGH are consoled that we are slightly less dumb than Queen Diggy. (*facepalm!*)

Update: Moar smartypants...


  1. Intermediate? Basic?!

    D'ahh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Looks like we may not win the Race To The Top, but we're a lock-in for the Race To The Center.

    (my verification word: opough.)

  2. Oh shit *internet high fives* my site has an 11% advanced reading level, too! KABOOM MUTHA FUCKAS

  3. hehehe, thanks for the link in the sidebar AS, I got you one too!

  4. De nada, amigo. I'm groovin' on yer site rite nao.

  5. Damn, Ms Xeno's outta control.

    I must have real shitty reading comprehension, because I don't even understand how to got those results out of the google place you linked.

  6. Yeah, Ms. X has always been way ahead of us proles. Anyroad, go to the link, go down to "reading level" and choose 'annotate' from the drop down menu, then do your search.

  7. To be fair, it's not clear exactly what is being measured by these stats. The results seem to be pretty random:

    we ran the full text of James Joyce's Ulysses through a Google Search, and it only scored "basic."

    I googled the "Gobierno de Venezuela" and "" sites (Spanish and French)
    0, 28, 71
    2, 39, 57

  8. Damn it. I have to use more swear words. I've got to drive my numbers down, or else.

  9. Alcohol must figure in here somewhere. Has anyone tried this on Drunken Pundit yet?